Ryan Yonk

Assistant Professor of Research, Utah State University

Ryan Yonk, Ph.D., an assistant professor of research at Utah State University, is vice president and executive director of research at Strata.

Biomass Energy: Renewable, But Not Green

Last summer, the White House acknowledged that biomass-generated energy is not carbon neutral. This recognition, however, didn’t stop Congress from affirming the environmental benefits of using biomass-generated energy. In fact, the congressional action put biomass in the same renewable category as wind and solar. Though renewable energy has been lauded as clean and the answer […]

Bankrupting America’s Top Energy Source

It’s no secret that King Coal is no longer the giant it once was. Recently, Peabody Energy, the nation’s largest coal provider, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after its shares hit rock bottom a few weeks ago. Just three months prior to Peabody’s collapse, the nation’s second largest coal producer, Arch Coal, announced that they […]

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