Wayne Pines

FDA Ain’t Broke, Doesn’t Need Fixin’

With all the talk of regulatory reform from the new Trump administration, along with support from the industries subject to federal regulation, it is surprising that one industry that is perhaps the most heavily regulated of all is pushing back.

The Food and Drug Administration: Six Important Ideas

The media are engaged in active speculation about how Donald Trump will govern. Having gone through many transitions, seeing this process both from inside the government and outside, I know that speculation in the weeks after the election has little to do with what actually happens once a new president and his team take over. In the case of the Food and Drug Administration, a tiny agency by federal measurements but one with vast responsibilities, speculation at this point has had little bearing on what the future holds in store.

The Upcoming Election and the FDA: The First 100 Days

The Food and Drug Administration regulates 20 cents out of every dollar spent by American consumers on products, though, despite their relevance to the economy and their impact on the health of every American, the FDA is generally not high on Washington’s political radar.

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