Brands Brief: Many Americans Actually Liked the Pepsi Ad

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  • Polling shows a plurality of people liked PepsiCo, Inc.’s now-defunct ad, but a public relations expert explained why negative feedback matters to advertisers. (Morning Consult)
  • United Airlines Inc. finally apologized for a man being dragged off of a flight — “No one should ever be mistreated this way,” the company’s chief executive said. However, the airline remains in crisis due to the incident’s negative publicity. (The New York Times)
  • Facebook Inc. boasts 5 million advertisers using its site, which the company is working to bolster with tools like one-click ad targeting. (Mashable)

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Advertising and Marketing

Plurality of Americans Actually Like Ad That Pepsi Pulled
Laura Nichols, Morning Consult

Pepsi’s public relations fiasco left its mark for its swift denouement: The soft-drink maker pulled an ad for its sugary beverage a day after launching it due to a massive public backlash. At the same time, Morning Consult polling shows the ad was viewed favorably by half of young Americans, and a plurality of respondents actually had a more favorable view of the company after seeing the video, which used protest imagery and fashion model Kendall Jenner to promote its soda.

Facebook has 5 million advertisers – and it wants a lot more
Kerry Flynn, Mashable

Once upon a time, Facebook was just a website for college students to connect. If Facebook gets its way, it’ll be the go-to solution for all companies, especially small businesses, to run their operations.

Kodak returns to profitability by turning to print and a little-seen Web series
Kathryn Luttner, Campaign

“How do you stay relevant in a modern, changing world?” asks graphic designer Tad Carpenter, Instagram star and host of a web series for Eastman Kodak Company featuring commercial printing businesses around the globe. It’s a challenge that Kodak understands well.

Here’s How The Bill O’Reilly Ad Boycott Affects Fox News
Steven Perlberg, BuzzFeed News

Fox News is digging in as more than 50 advertisers yank their commercials from The O’Reilly Factor, reducing the amount of ad time during the show and ratcheting up the public relations pressure. Media executives and journalists have been playing a guessing game of whether Bill O’Reilly can survive the scandal, and the decision could hinge on just how much Fox News feels the economic reverberations from the ad boycott.

Chipotle’s New Ad Campaign Falls Short With Investors
Joseph Lu,

It looks like the adrenaline rush from Chipotle’s nationwide ad campaign didn’t last long. Upon the release of the new ads on Monday, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. received a small surge, but is currently down 1 percent to $449.46 per share in midday trading Tuesday.

Walmart to offer discounts for ordering at home, picking up at the store
Charisse Jones, USA Today

Fighting back against Amazon and other online sellers, Walmart said Wednesday it is going to offer a discount on thousands of items ordered online — if shoppers will then go to their closest store to pick them up. At a time when traditional stores are losing shoppers who would rather make their purchases online, Walmart’s latest deal allows the world’s biggest retailer to offer the ease of online shopping while taking advantage of its thousands of stores, cutting costs while still offering convenience.

Media and Entertainment

Daily Mail to Pay Melania Trump $2.9 Million to Settle Lawsuits Over Article
Jason Douglas, The Wall Street Journal

The U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper said Wednesday it agreed to pay damages to U.S. First Lady Melania Trump to settle two lawsuits brought in the U.S. and U.K. after it republished allegations that she “provided services beyond simply modeling” when working as a model in the 1990s. The Daily Mail and its Mail Online website said in a statement that it accepts the allegations it published in a 2016 article are “not true” and apologized for the distress the article caused.

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer Is Marvel and Disney’s Most Watched Ever in 24 Hours (Exclusive)
Borys Kit, The Hollywood Reporter

Marvel’s promise of a Thor vs. Hulk battle seems to have re-energized the Thor movie franchise. The trailer for Thor: Ragnarok, which was unleashed Monday by Disney, the parent company of Marvel, has garnered more than 136 million views in only 24 hours.

Social Media and Technology

Uber’s head of communications, Rachel Whetstone, is leaving
Kara Swisher, TechCrunch

According to an internal email from Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, the company’s high-profile head of communications and policy Rachel Whetstone is departing after two years. “I wanted to let you know that Rachel Whetstone, who heads up policy and communications globally, has decided to leave Uber,” wrote Kalanick.

Acura takes mobile-first road to showcase the 2018 TLX
Kathryn Luttner, Campaign

When Acura turned 30 last year, the brand gave itself a birthday present: a new set of marketing guidelines that would set the tone for all future creative. Everything would center on “Precision Crafted Performance,” a brand platform focused on “providing exhilarating experiences with youthful enthusiasm and meaningful innovation.”

PR and Communications

United Grapples With PR Crisis Over Videos of Man Being Dragged Off Plane
Julie Creswell and Sapna Maheswari, The New York Times

United Airlines on Tuesday faced a spiraling crisis from videos showing a passenger being dragged off an airplane, as consumers threatened a boycott of the airline and lawmakers called for an investigation. By the afternoon, after more than a day of changing statements, United’s chief executive apologized and promised a review of its policies.

Apple Sues Swatch Over ‘Tick Different’ Marketing Campaign
Tim Hardwick, Mac Rumors

Apple has filed a complaint in a Swiss court over the use of the slogan “Tick Different” in a Swatch marketing campaign, arguing that the watchmaker is unfairly referencing the Californian company’s successful 1990s “Think Different” ad campaign for its own gain. The complaint was lodged last week at the Swiss Federal Administrative Court by Apple representatives Lenz & Staehelin, whose lawyers filed a simultaneous but ultimately unsuccessful complaint with the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

Airbnb accused of picking sympathetic hosts for marketing campaign
Betsy Powell, Toronto Star

Mable Chu was featured in a recent Airbnb marketing campaign as an average Toronto “host” who, dealt a setback, began renting out rooms on the platform as she struggled to pay the mortgage. “One of the things I first did when I lost my job was Airbnb,” Chu said in a 30-second video posted, and now removed, by Airbnb on YouTube.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Advertising Agency Opens A Law School For Victims Of Child Prostitution In India
Weronika Jurkiewicz, PSFK

India has the most underage sex workers in the world with an estimated 1.2 million children working in brothels against their will. These girls, some as young as seven years old, are abducted from their homes, sold to human traffickers and often tortured to cooperate.

Opinions, Editorials, Perspectives and Research

Why it’s time to say goodbye to the ‘r’ in influencer
Paul Kontonis, Marketing Land

It’s time for advertising and marketing professionals to start talking about influence marketing, not influencer marketing. Let me explain why.

Brand executives have totally misunderstood what kind of experience consumers want online
Marc Bain, Quartz

Take a quick glance across the digital landscape and you’ll see brands trying just about everything they can think of to connect with customers digitally. There are dedicated mobile apps, chatbots, virtual-reality experiences, all sorts of connected devices, and more.

If You’re A Woman In NYC, “One More Drink” Makes You A Victim
Lauren Evans, Village Voice

Everyone knows that alcohol is terrible for you. It wreaks havoc on your heart, your pancreas, your liver, your skin, your brain, and on and on forever. But according to an ad campaign on New York City’s subways, it also makes you more likely to ride your bike into a cab or get into a bar fight — if you’re a man. If you’re a woman, it apparently turns you into a helpless invitation for assault on the subway.