Brands Brief: Snapchat Self-Serve Ads Platform Coming Soon

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  • Snap Inc.’s Snapchat could debut its self-serve ad platform as early as May 1, in conjunction with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Newfronts conference. The platform will allow companies to purchase Snap ads without going through a third party. (Digiday)
  • United Airlines announced staff will no longer be allowed to take seats from boarded customers on overbooked flights. (The New York Times)
  • Facebook Inc. is trying to figure out what to do about negative or violent content in the wake of a recording of an alleged murder that was posted to the website. (The Wall Street Journal)

Editor’s note: Yesterday’s brief misstated the relationship between Facebook’s video platform and the company’s live-streaming feature.

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Advertising and Marketing

Retailers try to grapple with polarizing Ivanka Trump brand
Anne D’Innocenzio, The Associated Press

Retailers are finding themselves walking a fine line when dealing with the politically charged Ivanka Trump brand, which is stamped on everything from pants to shoes to handbags. Carry the items and get grief from shoppers opposed to President Donald Trump and his daughter’s role in the White House.

The Crisis of Attention Theft—Ads That Steal Your Time for Nothing in Return
Tim Wu, Wired

By now, it is pretty well understood that we regularly pay for things in ways other than using money. Sometimes we pay still with cash.

Selling Mark Zuckerberg
Nitasha Tiku, BuzzFeed News

Until recently, Mark Zuckerberg’s most iconic public appearance may have been the image of the young startup founder sweating through his hoodie onstage while journalist Kara Swisher grilled him at a tech conference in 2010. But Zuckerberg’s reputation as someone averse to the hot seat began a couple years earlier, on 60 Minutes.

Wal-Mart Close to Acquiring Bonobos for About $300 Million
Jing Cao, Bloomberg News

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is in talks to buy men’s clothing retail startup Bonobos Inc. for about $300 million, according to a person familiar with the situation. The discussions are in the final stages, though the timing of a deal hasn’t been determined, said the person, who asked not to be named because the discussions are private.

You’re about to pay more for your burrito at Chipotle
Sarah Whitten, CNBC

The next time you purchase a burrito at Chipotle Mexican Grill, it could cost you just a bit more. The Mexican chain bumped its prices up about 5 percent in select locations on April 11, according to company spokesman Chris Arnold.

Brand Marketing In The Marvel Universe
Jeff Beer, Fast Company

It would be tough to argue against Marvel being one of the strongest, most recognized brand names in the world. And with that strength, comes . . . responsibility?

Media and Entertainment

‘Saturday Night Live’ Gets Ratings Boost With Coast-to-Coast Live Airing
Cynthia Littleton, Variety

“Saturday Night Live” delivered its highest ratings since February with its first-ever episode to air live in all U.S. time zones. The Jimmy Fallon-hosted installment featured guest appearances by Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump and Melissa McCarthy as White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Social Media and Technology

Cleveland Murder Video Forces Scrutiny at Facebook
Deepa Seetharaman, The Wall Street Journal

Facebook Inc. is reviewing how it handles objectionable content after a Cleveland man posted a video of a murder on the site, sparking outrage over the social-media giant’s failure to more closely monitor violence on its platforms. On Sunday afternoon, 37-year-old Steve Stephens posted two videos on Facebook, one announcing his intent to commit murder and a second video of himself allegedly approaching an older man, Robert Godwin Sr., and shooting him in the head.

Snapchat is launching a self-serve platform for Snap ads
Tanya Dua, Digiday

After sponsored geofilters, Snapchat is working on launching a new self-serve platform for its Snap ads product, according to sources. The platform is expected to roll out shortly and is expected to be timed to release alongside the IAB’s Newfronts conference, which kicks off in New York on May 1, said multiple agency executives interviewed by Digiday.

NYC Plans To Force Uber To Add A Driver Tipping Option To Its App
Priya Anand and Cora Lewis, BuzzFeed News

Uber has long resisted public pressure to add the ability for riders to tip drivers through its app. In New York City, it may soon not have much of a choice.

Netflix Nears 100 Million Subscribers, Stock Drops as Q1 Gains Fall Short of Expectations
Todd Spangler, Variety

Netflix added fewer subscribers than expected for the first three months of 2017, while the No. 1 subscription-video provider said it will surpass the 100-million mark this coming weekend. For the first quarter, Netflix added 1.42 million U.S. subs and 3.53 million overseas.

How Brands and Agencies Are Fighting Back Against Facebook and Google’s Measurement Snafus
Lauren Johnson, Adweek

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, a $1 billion U.S. advertiser, is fed up with playing by Facebook’s rules. As a result, the carmaker concocted its own set of measurement standards that combine video views with a layer of additional stats, prodded by what it sees as a lack of comparability for Facebook to other media it buys.

PR and Communications

United Airlines Staff Will No Longer Take Seats of Boarded Passengers
Jonah Engel Bromwich, The New York Times

United Airlines, which is reviewing its policies after the violent removal of a passenger from a flight last week, says it will no longer allow employees to take the place of civilian passengers who have already boarded overbooked flights. “We issued an updated policy to make sure crews traveling on our aircraft are booked at least 60 minutes prior to departure,” a spokeswoman, Maggie Schmerin, wrote in an email on Sunday.

Boeing laying off hundreds more engineers
Bart Jansen, USA Today

Boeing Co. plans to lay off hundreds of engineers amid slowing aircraft sales, the company announced Monday. The workforce reduction scheduled for June 23 comes after the Chicago-based manufacturer laid off about 1,800 mechanics and engineers earlier this year.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Marketing Natural Body Care Products, With a Side of Activism
Jane L. Levere, The New York Times

As more people use organic and natural personal care products, the companies behind these goods are becoming more aggressive about courting them. Honest Company, founded by the actress Jessica Alba in 2012, introduced its first brand campaign in February.

Opinions, Editorials, Perspectives and Research

Can a TripAdvisor TV Campaign Be a Game-Changer? Two Views
Dennis Schaal, Skift

Can TripAdvisor turn things around? The company, the largest travel site in the world with some 390 million average monthly unique visitors, is in the midst of a painful transition from a hotel-search site to one that combines searching and booking.

We tracked Jeff Bezos’s use of “we” versus “I” over 20 years to see how he’s changed as a leader
Leah Fessler, Quartz

There’s no denying Jeff Bezos’s ambition. Not only has the Amazon founder and CEO built a company worth $430 billion, Amazon has successfully expanded beyond e-commerce to artificial intelligence development, Oscar-winning film, and cashier-free brick and mortar shopping.