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Polling Lends Weight to Worries Over GOP Civil War

GOP voters say Trump represents their values better than Republicans in Congress

A Source of Bitter Debate in GOP, Ex-Im Bank May Fade as Flashpoint on Local Level

As Stephen Fincher explores Senate run in Tennessee, his support of bank could be overshadowed by opioid crisis

Democrats Say Florida Nursing Home Deaths May Dog Scott If He Runs for Senate

But some backers of the Florida governor contend his response to Hurricane Irma would be an asset

Hawley Aims for Support From GOP Establishment – and Bannon

The first-term state attorney general wants to challenge Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill

Trump Approval Dips in Every State, Though Deep Pockets of Support Remain

A comprehensive survey of more than 470,000 Americans finds Trump's approval has fallen in every state since taking office

Will Evangelical Support Seal a Moore Victory in December?

Democrats acknowledge it's an uphill fight against the Republican nominee

Missouri GOP Fundraiser Says Hawley Will Run for U.S. Senate

State Attorney General Josh Hawley has been coy about his political plans

Prominent Pro-Trump Group Splits With President in Alabama Senate Race

GOP Ties Democrats to ‘Socialism’ Over Single-Payer Health Care Bill

Poll: Voters Content With Party Stance but Want Ideologically Pure Candidates