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Pawlenty’s Stint as Washington Lobbyist Could Weigh on Gubernatorial Bid

Former head of the Financial Services Roundtable previously served two terms as Minnesota governor

Measuring the Potency of Political Endorsements

Endorsements can be effective when deployed carefully

Trump Trails Generic Democratic Candidate in Hypothetical Presidential Race

Poll shows the president still fares better than a potential GOP challenger

Polling Puts Romney on Solid Ground to Continue Trump Rebukes

Support for the president has dropped in the Beehive State over the past year

Trump Makes Gains Ahead of Midterms but Risks Remain for GOP

Political experts say rise in net approval ratings among voters reflects in part a solid U.S. economy

America’s Most and Least Popular Governors

Republicans continue to dominate, at the top and bottom of the rankings

America’s Most and Least Popular Senators

Almost all vulnerable senators ended 2017 less popular than they started

Exclusive: RNC Digital Engagement Efforts for 2018 Will Lean Heavily on Facebook

Political campaigns can upload voter lists to better target audiences

Voters Take Dim View of Possible Return of Earmarks

New poll shows many see them as a form of corruption

Voters Currently Don’t Want Oprah to Run for President

Golden Globes acclaim may not translate into national support