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Tucker Carlson Is Republicans’ Most-Loved News Host

NBC’s Lester Holt, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Robin Roberts are most-trusted news anchors

Most Young Adults Have an Appetite for Binge-Watching Shows

A majority of TV watchers said they’ve stayed up late to continue watching a show

America Can Stomach Rotten Tomatoes

One-third check the review site pre-screening, but no connection between film’s score, box office returns

Many Adults Call ‘Megyn Kelly Today’ Cancellation ‘Too Harsh’

For nearly half of all adults polled during controversy, Kelly’s blackface comments made no difference in favorability

Cable Needs to Dial Up Flexibility, Dial Down Cost to Bring Back Cord-Cutters

Poll comes as cable, satellite providers look to stem tide of leaving customers

Netflix Gives Female Directors a New Platform

Women make up more than one-quarter of the directors of original films on streaming service

Here’s What People Will Pay for Unlimited Movies

A new data analysis shows the “sweet spot” for theater subscription services

One Cringeworthy Post From the Past Probably Won’t Haunt You

Poll finds older offensive posts on social media won’t dramatically change people’s views of their friends, celebrities

Comedy Central’s First-Ever Social Impact VP Isn’t Afraid to Take on Divisive Issues

Erika Soto Lamb joined the network from a grassroots, issue advocacy background

With Reboots, Viewers Want to Relive the ’90s

Television reboots, usually a safe bet for broadcasters, give insight into public nostalgia