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As Film, Television Seek Inspiration In Real Events, How Soon Is Too Soon?

School shootings deemed most inappropriate to adapt

Nearly Half of Consumers Want All Episodes At Once

But streaming services are headed in the other direction

Rotten Tomatoes Scores Continue to Freshen. What Does This Mean for Movies?

Some experts say continuously rising scores could dilute the value of the well-known rating system

Will Smith, Samuel L. Jackson Top Draws for Prospective Moviegoers

Scarlett Johansson, Meryl Streep top list of actresses that would entice public to see a film

Most People Plan to Watch Impeachment Coverage. Nearly Half of Republicans Don’t

72% of adults say they’re generally more concerned than entertained by politics

Warren’s Support Persists Despite Attack-Heavy Democratic Debate in Ohio

Pre- and post-debate polling shows no measurable shift in first-choice support

Networks Beware: Viewers May Punish Botched Handling of #MeToo Allegations

43% approve of how NBC handled accusations against Matt Lauer

TV Show Fans Want to See Movie Spinoffs, Preferably on the Small Screen

Fans say they would rather watch spinoffs when available for download, streaming than in theaters

Most Networks, Streamers See Brand Awareness Rise After Emmys, TV Premieres

Consumers were also able to name a greater variety of shows than pre-Emmys

A Likable Host Could Be Key to Drawing In Awards Show Viewers

Viewership for this year’s hostless Primetime Emmys was at a record low

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