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CBS Is Evaluating Changes to Its Super Bowl Ad Presentation, Sports Chairman Says

Network is exploring two-box commercial display, selling fewer units, according to McManus

Online Outrage Aside, Most ‘Game of Thrones’ Viewers Liked Series Finale

55% of fans with HBO subscriptions say they don’t have plans to cancel

Audiences Want Disney Remakes to Stay Close to the Original

Even if it means keeping culturally insensitive parts in the films

Live From New York! It’s the White, Male Face of Hollywood

Analysis shows that over 44 seasons of "Saturday Night Live," 70 percent of hosts have been men, and 89 percent have been white

Public Divided as Filmmakers Shun Georgia Over ‘Heartbeat Bill’

Five production companies said they will stop filming in Georgia after passage of abortion ban

49% of Young Viewers Would Cancel Netflix if It Loses ‘Office,’ ‘Friends,’ Disney, Marvel

But analysts doubt the removal of licensed content would lead to big subscriber losses

‘Best of the Year!’: Movie Blurbs Edge Out Festival Laurels in Increasing Film’s Appeal

28% of those who saw poster featuring review quotes would see that movie vs. 23% for poster touting festival picks

‘Good Morning America’ Is No. 1 Morning Show Among Adults

The show’s anchor trio also have the highest favorability among hosts listed in survey

Though Twitter Is Free, Some Users Say They’d Be Willing to Pay

27% of 18- to 29-year-olds said they'd pay to use Twitter, but experts contend consumers won’t pull out their wallet just yet

Black Widow, Nick Fury Top List of Marvel Characters the Public Wants in Lead Roles

Projects featuring Natasha Romanoff, as well as Falcon and the Winter Soldier, are in the works