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Consumers Drawn to Streaming of Animated Films — Like All Movie Genres

Poll comes as Netflix prepares to start Roald Dahl animation project

44% Plurality Say Kevin Hart Was Right to Exit as Oscars Host

But public is split over the Academy’s alleged ultimatum that he apologize for homophobic tweets or step down

The Standout Holiday Films for Every Age Group

‘Rudolph’ reigns among all respondents, but ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ outperforms among young adults

No, ‘Die Hard’ Isn’t a Christmas Movie, Most People Say

One-quarter in poll say the Bruce Willis flick is a holiday film; 62% say it isn’t

Reality Is America’s Least Favorite TV Genre — Yet People Are Still Watching

Women had negative views of shows typically marketed to them

The Highest-Paid Actors May Not Have Most Public Clout

Julia Roberts is among the most underpaid actors of 2018

007 Poll Shows Scant Support for Diversifying Bonds

Despite support for Idris Elba in the lead role, most viewers want to keep it classic with James Bond

Tucker Carlson Is Republicans’ Most-Loved News Host

NBC’s Lester Holt, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Robin Roberts are most-trusted news anchors

Most Young Adults Have an Appetite for Binge-Watching Shows

A majority of TV watchers said they’ve stayed up late to continue watching a show

America Can Stomach Rotten Tomatoes

One-third check the review site pre-screening, but no connection between film’s score, box office returns