Streaming Concert Films Are Everywhere, and Millennials Are Loving It

More than half of millennials say concert films are a good alternative to attending live concerts, per a new Morning Consult survey

How the ‘Less Is More’ Mindset Could Hurt Perceived Value of Major Video Streamers

Media & entertainment analyst Kevin Tran unpacks why releasing original franchises and licensing hit shows will be critical for major streaming services to increase their value to consumers in 2023

Why Streamers Can’t Ignore Their Troubling 2023 Oscar Odds

Media & entertainment analyst Kevin Tran explores why video streaming services still need to fight for Oscar wins, even in an era that prioritizes profitability over prestige

Netflix’s Ad Tier Is No Cure-All, but That’s Okay

Morning Consult media and entertainment analyst Kevin Tran unpacks ad tiers’ growth limits for video streaming providers

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