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2019 Holiday Shopping Trends
New Data Shows Holiday Consumer Spending More Positive than Early Forecasts


Our latest economic and U.S. holiday shopping report shows consumers are more optimistic heading into the holiday shopping season than they were in September. Download our newest data to learn how consumer confidence continues its upward trajectory since bottoming out in mid-August.

Key Economic Trends and Holiday Shopping Preferences:

  • Consumers increasingly believe that now is a good time to purchase a major household appliance, such as furniture, a television, or a refrigerator
  • 70% of Americans plan on spending at least $100 during Black Friday weekend this year
  • Cyber Monday is now slightly more popular than Black Friday as a shopping day
  • Higher stock prices create a wealth effect, which is allowing consumers to spend more

“Compared to the data from late summer, the new outlook indicates that holiday shopping will be stronger than expected.”

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