How To Attract Top Talent
Building a brand that potential employees want to work for
A sample of findings from this report:
  • Tech companies Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are the three most admired employers, with entertainment brands Walt Disney and Netflix trailing close behind.
  • Among millennials, the 10 most admired employers are all tech or entertainment companies.
  • Just 15 percent of white collar workers say they would prefer to work for a company that takes strong political stands, while 35 percent say they would prefer their company not get involved. The rest are more neutral or unsure.
  • When employees consider company’s political stances, the least controversial issues are advocating for civil rights and criminal justice reform. The most controversial issues are supporting Donald Trump and abortion.
  • 44% of women say having a good work/life balance is the most important factor when thinking about their career. Just 35% of men say the same.
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