NFL Fans' Favorite Brands
Download the new report revealing the brands that perform best among NFL fans across a range of industries.

Ahead of the 2020 Super Bowl, Morning Consult conducted new research into the brands NFL fans love. The report highlights the topline findings, including favorite brands in key categories, brands that overperform with NFL fans, and the preferred chip and beer brand for every fanbase. This data is only a small window into the expansive range of insights Morning Consult Brand Intelligence offers on how consumer behavior interacts with the NFL.

Here is a preview of the report, revealing the favorite beer and chip brands by each NFL team fanbase. The full report is available for download below.


The Favorite Beer and Chip Brands for Every Fan Base
Determined by share of NFL team fans who say they have a favorable opinion of each brand. “NFL team fans” are U.S. adults who say they have a favorable opinion of each team.
Morning Consult