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This election cycle, Morning Consult will set a new standard for political polling, delivering data at unprecedented scale and speed, with the same rigorous accuracy at the heart of all our work.

On a daily basis, we are surveying over 5,000 registered voters on the 2020 campaign, in addition to all members of Congress, governors, and the President. This data-set will provide crucial insights into how key events shift public opinion in real-time, with a level granularity not available elsewhere.


Each week we will compile a high-level report with the most important findings and deliver the results to your inbox.


The results will include a deep dive into how Democratic candidates stack up with voters, as well as a breakdown of their respective constituencies. When a candidate enters the race, drops out, or makes a big splash, our data will offer a real-time look at how that’s impacting the race. Additionally, the report will track Donald Trump’s standing and the potential appetite for a primary challenge.

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