The 10 Most Ethical Companies in America, According to Consumers
Retail giants Walmart, Amazon, and Target take the top three spots


Corporations are getting less ethical, according to a 45 percent plurality of Americans. Just a quarter of Americans say they’ve become more ethical in recent years.

This is one of the findings from a new Morning Consult report looking at what consumers want from brands when it comes to key ethical and political matters. In addition to larger trends, 6,600 consumers were asked to think of a company that is ethical and name the first one that came to mind. Below are the top 10:

To see every company that got at least 25 mentions, download the full report below. Also included in that report:

  • What positive publicity opportunities will consumers most appreciate?
  • Which demographic groups are most likely to boycott?
  • What are the most controversial political issues for brands to support?
  • What should you say about Trump?


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