Trump Gets Poor Marks for Efforts on Testing and Vaccine Development
Voters were asked to rate how the president is handling coronavirus-related matters


The multifaceted nature of the crisis stemming from the coronavirus outbreak is requiring the government to take action on a number of fronts simultaneously, including alleviating economic stress, working with international partners and managing the spread of the virus. 

Asked to rate how President Donald Trump is handling a range of these coronavirus-related issues, voters gave him the most positive rating on providing financial assistance and the least positive when it comes to developing a vaccine and testing Americans for coronavirus. Just 16 percent of voters said the president is doing an excellent job on testing, while 39 percent say he’s doing a poor job. 

His performance rating is underwater (that is, more people disapprove than approve) on each of the tasks listed in the survey, with the exception of providing financial assistance. 


The share of registered voters who rate how President Trump is handling each of the following:


This was originally posted to Morning Consult’s coronavirus tracker.

By Nicholas Laughlin | Published April 29, 2020 at 12:00 pm ET.


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