How can you expect novel insights when Harris Poll relies on antiquated survey techniques?


Since the beginning, Morning Consult has focused on revolutionizing the scale, quality and speed of survey research. We conduct interviews using a diverse and trusted global network that reaches tens of millions of panelists. Our proprietary technology and high-frequency data mean you’re getting the connected insights you need to grow your business in the 21st century.


We help you understand your brand, competitors and industry in a way traditional market research firms can’t. By combining global brand insights with leading economic indicators and geopolitical risk, Morning Consult gives you the intelligence you need to make impactful decisions every day.

Why Morning Consult

Industry leaders rely on Morning Consult's ground breaking technology for meaningful insights, news and analysis delivered with unprecedented speed and scale. We have redefined a $90 billion industry in less than seven years. Here’s how Morning Consult's industry-defining approach can help you make more intelligent decisions.


Morning Consult’s research and analysis is a must-read in our industry.

– Franz Paasche, SVP, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, PayPal


Data-driven insights on the most pressing issues in business, economics and politics affecting your industry.


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