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  • General Motors Co.’s self-driving car unit, Cruise Automation, is partnering with food delivery service DoorDash Inc. to test out using autonomous vehicles for meal and grocery deliveries in San Francisco. The companies said the pilot program will being in “early 2019,” and will be limited to portions of the city where Cruise has already been conducting tests of its driverless vehicles. (The Verge)
  • Google shifted 19.9 billion euros ($22.7 billion) through a Dutch shell company to Bermuda in 2017, according to documents filed with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, as part of a strategy that allows the company to reduce its foreign tax bill. The tax arrangement, known as the “Double Irish, Dutch Sandwich,” is a legal practice that allows Google to avoid triggering U.S. income taxes or European withholding taxes on its funds by transferring royalties earned outside America to an affiliate located in Bermuda, where companies pay no income tax. (Reuters)
  • Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg did not sell a single share of stock during the social media company’s most recent quarter — the first time he has refrained in more than two years — as the firm’s stock fell 20 percent, according to data compiled by reporters. Zuckerberg said in September 2017 that he planned to sell off 35 million to 75 million Facebook shares over the next 18 months as part of pledge to donate the majority of his fortune during his lifetime, and he has since sold approximately 30.4 million shares. (Bloomberg)

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