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To Survive a Challenging Future, Shopping Malls Look to the Past

Experts say retail spaces are returning to their roots as community centers

Support for Gun Control Following Florida Shooting Matches Las Vegas Aftermath

Republican opposition to stricter gun laws has softened since 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting

Polling Puts Romney on Solid Ground to Continue Trump Rebukes

Support for the president has dropped in the Beehive State over the past year

Stock Market Volatility Dominates Attention of Voters Over Political Headlines

New poll shows market sell-off overshadowed recent White House news

Upstart Online Florists Find a Way to Flourish by Touting Social Responsibility

But a new poll suggests price could stifle consumer enthusiasm for buying domestically grown plants

Trump’s Performance Rating Breaks Even After 9 Months Underwater

New poll shows voters are evenly split on Trump

Dating in the Digital Age

How U.S. adults seek love and companionship via apps and online matchmaking services

Trump Makes Gains Ahead of Midterms but Risks Remain for GOP

Political experts say rise in net approval ratings among voters reflects in part a solid U.S. economy

Despite NBC’s Winter Games Livestreaming Push, Most Viewers Opt for TV

In poll, 78% of likely viewers said they plan to watch the Pyeongchang Olympics only or mostly on TV

Half of Google Home Device Owners Keen on Purchasing Apple’s HomePod, Poll Shows

More than 4 in 10 Amazon Echo owners are also interested in buying the latest smart speaker