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Polling Lends Weight to Worries Over GOP Civil War

GOP voters say Trump represents their values better than Republicans in Congress

Most Voters in Poll Back Trump’s Health Care Order But Are Divided Over Impact

52% approve of allowing small-business associations to sell low-cost but less comprehensive health plans

Poll: Most Would Welcome New Amazon Headquarters

U.S. adults disregard potential negative impact of Amazon's presence

U.S. Adults Warming to Twitter’s 280-Character Expansion

But some say it’s bad news for President Donald Trump

GOP Voter Support for Stronger Gun Control Measures Is Growing, Polling Shows

49 percent of GOP respondents said they back stricter laws, up 5 points from June survey

West Virginia Voters Becoming More Critical of Trump; Support in Maryland Falls to 33%

Residents in neighboring states are forming opinions of Trump based on social, economic issues

Charlottesville Violence Impacts Virginia Voters’ Views of Trump

But a relatively slower decline in approval ratings indicates Trump voters are holding fast to their support

Trump Approval Dips in Every State, Though Deep Pockets of Support Remain

A comprehensive survey of more than 470,000 Americans finds Trump's approval has fallen in every state since taking office

Poll: Public Divided on Playboy’s Relevance — But They Read the Articles

47 percent say Hugh Hefner's magazine is relevant to the world as a whole while 41 percent say it is not

Voters Aren’t Sold on Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut Pitch, Poll Shows

President and congressional Republicans say lower business taxes will benefit the middle class by creating jobs