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Debate Over ‘War On Christmas’ Cools in Trump’s America

More adults comfortable with both 'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy Holidays' compared to last year

Americans Are Skeptical of Muslim, Atheist Candidates, but That Could Change

Younger Americans less likely to oppose Muslims, atheists running for office

Voters Back Government Shutdown to Renew Health Insurance Program for Kids

A deal to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program draws more voter support compared to other issues

Princess Leia Is Everyone’s Favorite, and Other Star Wars Statistics

Original Star Wars movies, characters beat out newer ones

Voters Say No Statute of Limitations for Lawmakers Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Poll shows support for congressional probes of credible allegations, regardless of when the events took place

GOP Voters in Poll Deepen Opposition to Obamacare Individual Mandate

Senate effort to repeal federal requirement places controversial provision back in the public eye

Fewer Republicans Find Moore Allegations Credible, Poll Shows

The Republican nominee has denied the allegations against him

Majority of Voters Support Net Neutrality Rules as FCC Tees Up Repeal Vote

Follow-up action from lawmakers on Capitol Hill is iffy, at best

Voters Increasingly Oppose Proposed State and Local Tax Deduction Changes

The state and local tax deduction measure is losing support

Surveillance Program’s Renewal Backed by Voters, Who Also Want Reforms

Many federal law enforcement officials want to keep the statute in its current form