Polling Methodology Overview

Morning Consult is a technology and media company at the intersection of policy, politics, business, and Wall Street.

Morning Consult conducts its national polling using large, established online survey vendors from across the country and regularly conducts state-specific surveys and opinion elite polling. Our weekly national polls contain more than 30 demographic questions such as zip code, cell phone usage, marital status, employment status, and party affiliation.

Morning Consult has taken a number of steps to ensure that survey participants are unique and as representative of the national population as possible. For our weekly 2,000 person national polls, we use several national online vendors, along with stratified sampling based on age, gender, education and race, to recruit a broad cross-section of Americans. Morning Consult does not allow individual respondents to take more than a single survey a year. Morning Consult applies survey weights use age, race / ethnicity, gender, educational attainment, and region to its samples of registered voters using the Current Population Survey (CPS).

Examples of Polling and Research Projects

Here are a few examples of polling and research projects the Morning Consult team has worked on:

  • Morning Consult & POLITICO teamed up in the fall of 2016 to conduct weekly polling on the biggest issues in policy and politics. Our final election projection showed Clinton winning the popular vote by 3 percent. She won it by 2.1 percent, well within the margin of error and better than most other election pollsters.
  • We interviewed about 2,400 Republicans in December 2015 by live telephone, Internet and automated telephone calls. We found that Donald Trump receives more support online than via live telephone interviews, a strong indication of “mode effects” among potential Trump supporters. [link here]
  • Morning Consult interviewed tens of thousands of adults to analyze respondent attention and understand the types of prompts that ensure respondents are motivated.
  • Morning Consult launched Morning Consult Intelligence, a platform containing tens of thousands of survey questions from leading media and market research organizations, where users can search, analyze and share polling and market research data.
  • Morning Consult partnered with Vox Media to conduct polling on topics ranging from presidential candidate recognition to the Super Bowl to political ideology.
  • Morning Consult interviewed 75,000 registered voters in all 50 states to create a comprehensive database of job approval ratings for every sitting Governor and Senator [link here]
  • Morning Consult has worked with FiveThirtyEight to assess Bernie Sanders’s potential path to a nomination and to better understand the role of gender in the 2016 presidential election – [link here]
  • Immediately after Russia invaded Ukraine in April 2014, we placed a world map in our survey and found that respondents who could not locate Ukraine were more likely to say the U.S. should invade Russia – [link here]