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Brands lack accurate, fast ways to understand their consumers at scale and instead rely on superficial metrics such as clicks, opens, and impressions for benchmarking.
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Use Brand Intelligence to:

  • Track brand perception and performance among key demographics

  • Measure the effectiveness of campaigns

  • Deliver customizable, automated reports straight to your inbox

Discover what Brand Intelligence data reveals about top brands.

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Key Brand Intelligence features:

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Extensive Demographics
Geographic Data
Extensive Demographics
Geographic Data
Extensive Demographics

Tracking over 100 demographics, Brand Intelligence delivers data-driven insights about the customers and stakeholders that are most important to your brand.

Geographic Data

With large sample sizes, geo-tagging of respondents, and advanced multilevel regression analysis, Brand Intelligence builds highly detailed maps visualizing consumer sentiment at higher accuracy and lower cost than traditional survey research methods.



3,253,944 survey research interviews on 3,112 brands

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