Brand Intelligence

Crisis Management

Brand Intelligence provides a one-stop solution to help brands identify crises, track them over time, and respond with precision.
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Use Brand Intelligence to:

  • Immediately determine the magnitude of a crisis

  • Identify which demographics are most affected

  • Inform crisis response strategy

  • Measure effectiveness of response

Discover how brands use Brand Intelligence to manage reputation amid crises.

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Manage brand crises in the digital age

Key Brand Intelligence Features

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Continuous Tracking
Large, representative sample sizes
Continuous Tracking
Large, representative sample sizes
Continuous Tracking

Brand Intelligence delivers a continuous stream of reputation data on thousands of companies and products, enabling users to easily track the immediate and long-term impacts of major events, establish reliable benchmarks, and quantify shifts over time.

Large, representative sample sizes

Brand Intelligence conducts 60,000 interviews per year for each brand, enabling users to segment data easily by over 100 demographic groups, all 50 states, and each DMA.



3,253,944 survey research interviews on 3,112 brands

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