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Morning Consult Economic Intelligence gives you access to the largest data set of leading economic indicators and global consumer confidence available today

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Global Consumer Confidence Tracking

Morning Consult conducts 11,000 daily interviews around the globe to gauge sentiment on the economy, businesses and consumer spending.

Collecting Daily Key Economic Indicators from Around the World

Key Product Features

Trusted by Leaders Across Finance, Marketing and Consumer Insights

  • Financial
    Use consumer confidence data to understand macro trends and make calculated decisions.

    Are you a financial leader looking to assess current economic situation and predict the customers’ buying patterns in the near term?


    Morning Consult Economic Intelligence provides data sources so that you can easily integrate into modeling and identify investment areas.

  • Marketing
    Understand how consumer spending habits will impact your organization and marketing efforts.

    Are you a marketing leader in need of insightful consumer data to help you understand your consumers spending habits and the global economy?


    Morning Consult Economic Intelligence provides granular consumer confidence data on your target consumers.

  • Insights
    Analyze daily consumer confidence data and get access to granular data across demographic and industry cuts.

    Are you an Insights leader who needs to know how consumer views of the economy, business, and personal finances are changing?


    Track multiple consumer confidence data points to get a granular look at how business and personal financial expectations change over time.

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