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Get access to the largest unified dataset on geopolitical risk in the world. Morning Consult surveys 30,000 people every day, gauging public opinion on world leaders, elections, politicians, and policy issues to provide customers with data at the scale and speed needed to navigate the changing geopolitical landscape and assess political risk.

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“Modernizing political polling”


Daily Insight Into Key Political Indicators

For the first time ever, get access to Morning Consult’s real-time political polling data to track key elections, assess political risk, and prepare for shifting legislative priorities.

What Sets Political Intelligence Apart

  • Unprecedented
    4,000 daily interviews with likely voters in the United States and 11,000 interviews globally

    Access to comprehensive political data is expensive and infrequent


    We survey thousands of voters every day to provide deep insight into demographic trends not found elsewhere.

  • Real-Time
    Non-stop access to data to measure voter shifts as they happen

    Political data is slow, not representative and can't keep up with the pace of politics today.


    Our data collection is non-stop, measuring voter sentiment as it happens, not days or weeks later.

  • Actionable
    Dedicated analysis tools and resources built to inform critical decisions quickly

    There has never been an easy-to-use solution that provided actionable political insights, real-time polling data with demographic granularity.


    We make it easy for users to access the latest data, derive key insights and share highlights quickly with key stakeholders directly .

Political Intelligence that's Personalized

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Real-Time Polling Data To Navigate Changing Political Landscape

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