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To Win Streaming Music Wars, Spotify Has Potential Edge in Its Appeal to Young Adults

18-29 age group more likely to have Spotify account or choose service compared to general population in poll

Why the Public Overlooks and Undervalues Tech’s Power

Some experts say the tech industry is rapidly nearing a day of reckoning

Interest Down Ahead of NCAA Tournament, But Bracket Playing About Steady

Poll shows viewers' plans for how they intend to watch this year's games on both TV and online also changed

How Adding Users Could Backfire for Snapchat

Snapchat's popularity increases among young adults, but wider audience appeal remains hazy

Dating in the Digital Age

How U.S. adults seek love and companionship via apps and online matchmaking services

Half of Google Home Device Owners Keen on Purchasing Apple’s HomePod, Poll Shows

More than 4 in 10 Amazon Echo owners are also interested in buying the latest smart speaker

Plurality of Poll Respondents OK With Amazon Handling Mail-Order Drugs

But fewer people express trust in voice-activated technology for handling other aspect of health care

Parents, Not Companies, Are Blamed for Smartphone Addiction Among Youths

Poll shows that even adults with kids allowed to have screen time say parents are responsible for tech overuse

Exclusive: RNC Digital Engagement Efforts for 2018 Will Lean Heavily on Facebook

Political campaigns can upload voter lists to better target audiences

Americans Concerned About Cybersecurity of Self-Driving Cars

Two-thirds of survey respondents concerned about potential cyber risks