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Lawmakers Urge Health Industry Players to Work Together on Lowering Drug Prices

Energy and Commerce panel members warn that otherwise Congress will step in, whether companies like it or not

Majority of Tea Partiers Back Net Neutrality Principles, Polling Shows

Existing rules have surprising levels of support across political and ideological divides

Policy More Important Than Character for Majority of Republican Voters

GOP poll respondents more willing to support scandal-plagued candidates if they line up the same way on policy

House Lawmakers to Explore Unifying Auto Emissions Standards

Energy and Commerce joint subcommittee hearing to examine opportunities to harmonize 3 different measures

Americans Are Skeptical of Muslim, Atheist Candidates, but That Could Change

Younger Americans less likely to oppose Muslims, atheists running for office

Consumer Favorability Ratings for Large ISPs Withstand Net Neutrality Heat

Public criticism regarding telecoms' stance on issue hasn't driven down their numbers

Voters Back Government Shutdown to Renew Health Insurance Program for Kids

A deal to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program draws more voter support compared to other issues

For Some U.S. Adults, Star Wars and Politics Just Don’t Mix

While a small minority sees the film series as political, die-hard fans have long debated the perceived undercurrents

Voters Say No Statute of Limitations for Lawmakers Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Poll shows support for congressional probes of credible allegations, regardless of when the events took place

Providers See CMS Continuing Value-Based Care Push Despite Project Rollbacks

Trump administration expected to focus on voluntary participation and fewer regulations on bundled payments