Camden R. Fine

Congress Should Repeal the Durbin Amendment on Debit Card Transactions

Policymakers in Washington regularly trigger the law of unintended consequences, hurting the very people they profess to help. A prime example is the Durbin Amendment, a last-minute addition to the Dodd-Frank Act that placed the Federal Reserve in charge of pricing debit-card transactions and established new rules for how those transactions are routed.

‘Take It From Us…’

The retail industry needs to take a page from the community bank playbook and start putting their customers first before they dismiss legislative proposals to address the rash of recent retailer data breaches that continue to plague our nation. Recently, I was taken aback by the retail industry’s brazen attack against Representatives Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas) […]

To Support Local Economic Growth, Washington Needs to Get Out of The Way

Community banks—the hometown financial institutions that have been serving America’s communities since our nation’s founding—operate a business model that is inherently supportive of consumers and local economies. The very foundation of community banking is built upon one-on-one relationships and reinvesting in local economies. Unfortunately, increasing regulatory burdens, which have a disproportionate impact on smaller institutions, […]

Consistent Security Standards Are Essential to Cyber Reform

Congress has begun the process of advancing legislation to address risks to cyber and data security following high-profile breaches at Target, Home Depot and Sony Pictures. The Senate Intelligence Committee this month released its bill to increase information sharing between the public and private sectors, and the panel’s House counterpart followed suit last week with […]