Insight is your most valuable resource

High-quality, readily accessible survey research data is right at your fingertips with Morning Consult Intelligence. With a single, easy-to-use platform you get access to the data and insights you need to make informed decisions in real-time.

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When you need answers quickly, the last thing you need is a platform that gets in the way. Morning Consult Intelligence is designed to surface relevant insights quickly.

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Understand and grow your audience on your terms


Audience can transform your customer growth strategy

Which airline is most trusted by consumers who go on 12 or more business trips a year? What streaming services do crypto owners use most frequently? These are the types of questions Audience can answer instantly using our always-on survey data that’s tracking the precise characteristics, attitudes, and habits of consumers.

Easily explore and build thousands of custom audience profiles

Always-on survey data

Millions of demographics, psychographics and user habits collected every day.

Expansive profiles

2,000+ predefined profiles and unlimited custom audience profiles to create.

Easy-to-use platform

Intuitive web-based interface with no vendor gatekeeping.

Biggest value

All at a competitive price point and unlimited seats.


Know what people think so you know how to drive your brand forward - now and in the future


Understand your customers and what matters to them

Traditional brand tracking tools were designed for basic monitoring. Ours is built for taking action. Build a narrative with charts on your audiences, markets and industry. Or simply grab the data points you need — we’ve made it easy for you.

Example of target audience analysis in a brand intelligence platform

Actionable insights into how your customers think

Representation of Morning Consult's Brand Tracking platform

Track core brand metrics

Uncover what brand attributes and messages are the most impactful to improve brand equity and loyalty.
Example of identifying and analyzing a target audience via a brand intelligence platform

Find the right customer

Know who to target in this economy by analyzing demographics, psychographics and media usage to identify untapped growth opportunities.
Example of competitive benchmarking in a brand intelligence platform

Stay ahead of the competition

Understand how your brand performs in your target markets and how you can fill competitive gaps.
Example of crisis management in a brand intelligence platform

Detect meaningful events

Brand crises don’t happen every day. But when they do, you need to catch them early. Our in-platform tools alert you to an event and help you measure the impact on key audiences.


You may not be an economist - but thinking like one gives you an edge


Understand your customers and what matters to them

Most economic indicators look backward, hamstrung by outdated survey methods, infrequent sampling and a singular focus on macroeconomic trends. You need forward-looking metrics to fuel the decisions you make today.

Snapshot of Morning Consult's Economic Intelligence Data

Economic Intelligence Key Features

Icon depicting consumer spending

Consumer spending habits

Understand emerging trends in consumer demand and personal finances to target high-intent audience groups for the best return on your investment.
Icon depicting inflation data

Navigate inflation environments

Product shortages and inflation are forcing customers to make choices. Gain visibility into these trade-offs and the barriers U.S. adults face in making purchases.
Icon depicting labor market trends

Track labor market trends

Make better informed business and employment decisions based on granular and speedy insights into actions, drivers, and intentions of the labor force.
Icon depicting housing trends

Understand housing dynamics

Monitor how the cost of housing and consumers’ ability to pay are shaping both buying and selling intentions.


Round out your strategy by assessing risks posed by global political tensions

High-Frequency Geopolitical Data

Mitigate potential impacts of geopolitical risk

Emerging geopolitical risks are on the rise, yet few organizations are equipped to handle them. Measure and assess threats with the largest unified dataset on geopolitical risk in the world to inform strategy and maintain your organization's resilience.

Snapshot of Morning Consult's political polling data

Need more? See how Morning Consult develops custom research solutions to meet your unique needs.

Example of a deliverable from Morning Consult's custom research solution

A unique approach means superior data and insights


Fast fielding without compromising quality. You’ll have readable results in a week or less, while traditional firms make you wait a month or even a quarter.


Even the Federal Reserve trusts our data. We brought the world’s leading data scientists in-house to build innovative techniques rooted in decades of survey research experience.


150+ demographic cuts for people in 20+ countries. You can analyze the exact consumers you need, instead of having to settle for a proxy audience.


Our unique approach to sample, survey design, and panel providers reflects a rigorous methodology which means superior data for you.


An API for merging our data with yours. You can easily integrate our data into your existing tools, reporting and systems.


Data security is paramount. We encrypt solutions to industry standards so you gain both a trusted partner and peace of mind.

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