What Decision Intelligence can do for insights teams

Identify market opportunities


Our solutions go beyond business intelligence. We’ll uncover unmet consumer needs and underserved buyer groups so you can develop offerings that capitalize on these gaps.

Develop a data-driven product launch strategy


Our survey technology offers daily insight into your customer base, enabling you to build a business development strategy that adapts to the ever-changing market.

Reposition products and services


By surveying target audiences daily, our technology surfaces developing shopper trends. Your team can provide recommendations that address the current moment — not the previous quarter.

Win over the “swing voters”


Design a business development strategy that targets lukewarm consumers, the ones who are neither loyal nor averse to your brand. We’ll help you shape offerings that turn them into repeat customers.

Pivot strategy when required


Merging brand insights with economic indicators, our technology will give you the foresight you need to pivot strategies during unexpected macroeconomic shifts.

Capture representative data on niche audiences


Our breadth and depth surpass conventional business intelligence: Your team can learn about nearly every audience that matters to your brand in more than 100 countries.

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Why insights teams need Morning Consult

We build customized solutions for insights professionals, providing both raw data and actionable insights. With our technology, you’ll have:

Key metrics on demand, custom research in 48 hours


Our brand tracking is updated daily in the Morning Consult Intelligence platform, and we field custom surveys, even of hard-to-reach populations, in less than two days.

Raw data on target consumers in days, not weeks or months


We’ll send the raw data for your own analyses almost as soon as a survey closes. Our proprietary API also allows for fast access to our syndicated data, without having to wait on a request.

Audience profiles covering behaviors, finances, politics and more


Our technology builds holistic profiles of your target audiences. With these portraits, you’ll be able to guide senior stakeholders in making customer-centric decisions — not ones based on anecdotes or opinion.

A full-service team available for coaching and support


Though we survey quickly, we take our time with the methodology. Our analysts will walk you through every step, guiding your teams through leveraging the insights in their individual roles.

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