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Kraninger Vows ‘Boring’ Approach at CFPB, With Goals Different From Mulvaney’s

Director says CFPB will clarify its debt collection rules in the coming weeks

House Financial Services’ 2 Social Media Stars Can Extend a Hearing’s Spotlight

Ocasio-Cortez, Porter pose most immediate reputational risk to banks under scrutiny, communication experts say

Millennials and Their Money: The Kids Are All Right

Despite concerns student debt, financial crisis would alter spending habits, millennials' goals similar to boomers'

Crapo Ties Data Privacy Debate to ‘Politically’ Motivated Lending

Senate Banking chairman suggests 'politically disfavored' industries need protection

Arkansas’ Move to Dip Into Abandoned Investments Stokes Fears of Wider Trend

Consumers stand to lose potential gains when states shorten wait period to liquidate abandoned accounts

Data Privacy Emerges as Possible Bipartisan Path to Credit Bureau Reform

Senate Banking aides say bill likely to be more narrowly focused than Waters’ consumer protections plan

Tax Refunds Are a Political Wash for 2020

Nearly two-thirds of voters say their tax refund won’t impact their 2020 vote

Waters Confirms She’ll Call Bank CEOs to Testify Before Panel

Heads of large banks, including JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, will testify together for the first time in a decade

Voters Say They Would Use Taxes on the Wealthy to Fix a Variety of Ills in the Nation

Revenue toward building a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border was the least popular proposal

Payday Lenders Prepare for a Fight After Warren, Sanders Declare Presidential Bids

Advocates for and against CFPB’s payday lending rules say industry lobbying efforts to intensify in runup to 2020