The Crypto Report: Our Analysts on the State of Cryptocurrency

Consumers’ habits, attitudes and perspectives on cryptocurrency, in the United States and around the world

Crypto’s Success Proves It Doesn’t Need Consumer Trust

Morning Consult financial services analyst Charlotte Principato explains the seemingly contradictory trends of dipping trust in cryptocurrency and consumers’ steady purchase intentions

Financial Policy

Unpacking Voters’ Perceptions of the Inflation Reduction Act

Measures to address prescription drug costs, budget deficit score higher than renewables push

After Fall of Roe v. Wade, Most Americans Say Government Should Step In to Help Family Finances

Roughly 3 in 5 adults say government is responsible for financial assistance, paid family leave in light of Supreme Court ruling, while tax credits, child care subsidies and universal pre-K are seen as helpful policies regardless of party

Voters Show Little Consensus on Income Thresholds for Student Loan Forgiveness Eligibility in Potential Biden Administration Plan

29% of voters feel that the potential income threshold for $10,000 in student loan debt forgiveness is just right, while 35% say such relief should not be provided at any level

Amid Partisan Finger-Pointing on Inflation, Voters Say a Few Different Entities Have a Lot of Power Over Rising Prices

Comparable shares of voters say the president, Fed, Congress and large corporations have “a lot” of power to manage rising consumer prices

Economic Conditions

How Inflation Concerns Are Impacting Consumer Spending

Morning Consult’s Industry Intelligence team analyzes the effects of rising prices on U.S. adults’ purchasing decisions

Are We in a Recession? 2 in 3 Voters Say Yes

Nearly 4 in 5 Republicans think the U.S. is currently in a recession, up from about 2 in 5 two years ago during an actual recession

Inflation and a Possible Recession May Cement BNPL in Consumers’ Wallets Forever

Financial services analyst Charlotte Principato unpacks the headwinds and tailwinds that BNPL companies face this summer

Voters Point to Profit Maximization, Supply Chain Woes When Asked About Companies’ Role in Inflation

About 1 in 10 voters blame rising labor costs for persistently high consumer prices

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