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Polling Suggests Support Among Voters for Harsher Wall Street Messaging

Democrats are likely to sharpen their rhetoric toward big banks and Wall Street ahead of 2020

Nearly a Third of Consumers Say They Plan to Spend Less This Holiday Season

Trend belies tight labor market, rising wages that should suggest higher spending

Voters to Congress: Address the Federal Deficit, but Don’t Make Cuts or Raise Taxes

The voting public agrees the deficit is a problem, but how to fix it is another thing

Polling Shows Why Trump Is Trying a New Tax Message

The GOP's tax bill hasn't been as popular as the party hoped

Republicans Can’t Count on the Economy to Keep Them in Power

Research shows little correlation between state of economy, vote outcome during non-presidential elections

No Schlubs Like Me: Americans Don’t Like Politicians In Debt

Despite their own indebtedness, voters say they don’t want candidates with debt

Planes, Trains and (Ride-Hailing) Automobiles

Most airports make a lot of money from parking, but only some are losing revenue to Uber and Lyft

In Robust Job Market, Gig Workers’ Satisfaction on Par With Wider Workforce

Poll: 67% of those in the gig economy use contract jobs as supplementary income; 33% rely on it as main source

Voters More Likely to Support Trade Agreements – and Tariffs

A plurality of all voters in poll say free trade agreements have had a positive impact on the United States

Farm-State Voter Sentiment About Trump Has Held Steady Despite Trade War

But experts say Trump’s ratings could fall if trade spat causes long-term damage to agricultural exports