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Voters More Likely to Support Trade Agreements – and Tariffs

A plurality of all voters in poll say free trade agreements have had a positive impact on the United States

Farm-State Voter Sentiment About Trump Has Held Steady Despite Trade War

But experts say Trump’s ratings could fall if trade spat causes long-term damage to agricultural exports

Plurality Of Voters Say Consumer Protection Has Gotten Worse Under Trump

Poll comes amid pending CFPB director nomination for Kathy Kraninger

Americans Want More Trade With Major Economic Partners, Poll Shows

Most Americans also express concern about trade war with China

Most Republicans Support Vertical Mergers Despite AT&T-Time Warner Court Challenge

Poll shows Republicans also more likely to support government’s current regulatory approach

Voters Stay Split on Whether Tariffs Are Good for the United States

Voters are divided, 38% to 42%, on whether duties on Chinese imports will help or hurt U.S. economy

Market Participants See Cryptocurrencies More as Investments Than Payment Systems

Survey comes as digital assets come under increased scrutiny from regulators

Legal Sports Gambling’s Future: Younger and Less Wealthy Bettors

A new national survey shows how legalization is likely to change the face of the practice

Voters See Strength in U.S. Economy, but Millennials Aren’t as Optimistic

Poll shows deep divide between baby boomers and younger voters

CFPB’s Cost-Benefit Analysis Office to Be Modeled After FTC’s Bureau of Economics

Agency supporters say it’s a political move