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For Credit Unions, Government Shutdown Holds Potential for Both Growth and Risk

Furloughed workers expected to turn to cooperatives for help, but long shutdown raises likelihood of delinquency

Can Trade Disputes Sway Trump Voters in Heartland? Don’t Bet the Farm

Little movement in president’s approval rating, public’s views on trade in year of tensions with China, other nations

Morning Consult’s Most-Read Stories of 2018

Data-driven insights on Trump, Kavanaugh and Fortnite led the year

Amid Unpopular Tax Overhaul, GOP Banking on 2019 Tax Returns

With few noticing a paycheck bump from the Republican-led tax law, Democrats have advantage, analysts say

Top 5 Financial Policy Predictions for 2019

Bank oversight and Trump tax returns top the agenda

Polling Suggests Support Among Voters for Harsher Wall Street Messaging

Democrats are likely to sharpen their rhetoric toward big banks and Wall Street ahead of 2020

Nearly a Third of Consumers Say They Plan to Spend Less This Holiday Season

Trend belies tight labor market, rising wages that should suggest higher spending

Voters to Congress: Address the Federal Deficit, but Don’t Make Cuts or Raise Taxes

The voting public agrees the deficit is a problem, but how to fix it is another thing

Polling Shows Why Trump Is Trying a New Tax Message

The GOP's tax bill hasn't been as popular as the party hoped

Republicans Can’t Count on the Economy to Keep Them in Power

Research shows little correlation between state of economy, vote outcome during non-presidential elections