People in Affluent, English-Speaking Countries Give Harshest Reviews of U.S. Race Relations

Majorities in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom say race relations in the United States are “poor” or “terrible”

Biden Is Much More Popular Than Trump Around the World

Trump’s toxic image abroad represents a reputational threat for the broader GOP, which isn’t as loathed by the global community

Most British Adults Disapprove of Rishi Sunak After 100 Days in Office

Premier faces an increasingly antagonistic public alongside economic and political headwinds that portend ill for coming elections

AMLO Tests the Bounds of His Popularity With Push to Transform Mexican Democracy That Could Prove Crippling

The Mexican president rejected mass protests against his proposals to change the electoral system as corrupt, classist and racist — but he hasn’t yet grappled with an institution as popular as he is

Meloni Is Off to a Strong Start in Italy as Europe’s Most Popular Leader

49% of Italians approve of Meloni, who experts say must stick tightly with Brussels to stay in power

Public Trust in British Economic Governance at a Low as Truss Departs

Liz Truss’ successor will inherit a country concerned about economic stability in the wake of the mini-budget misfire, and will be at pains to restore public trust

Brazil’s Reputation Suffers Little in Latin America Following Brasilia Riots

But adults in democracies farther abroad were more likely to sour on the South American giant

U.S. Reputation Improves in Some Allied Countries Following Midterm Elections

But the changes in global sentiment paled in comparison with the 2020 elections

Saudi Arabia’s Image in America Continues to Sink as Formal Relations Hit Nadir

After OPEC+ output cut, 53% of U.S. adults viewed the kingdom negatively, the biggest share so far this year

U.S. Standing in Japan and South Korea Slips After Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip

Views of the United States remain favorable overall, but Pelosi’s high-profile stop in Taiwan did little to reinforce America’s position with its East Asian allies

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