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South Korean Leader’s Plummeting Approval Illustrates Challenge of Closer Ties With Japan. It Might Not Be Possible Without U.S. Help

A tense shared history and misaligned domestic priorities is making it difficult for Washington’s two biggest Asian allies to mend fences

Bongbong Marcos Is Popular in the Philippines, but He’s Not Yet in Duterte’s League

Even among those old enough to remember his father’s authoritarian reign, new Filipino President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. enjoys supermajority approval

The Summit of the Americas Is Happening Without Latin America’s Most Popular Major Leader

Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador, who is sending his foreign minister in his stead, bucks the trend as Latin America’s leaders face high levels of discontent and tough social challenges

Australians Back Their New Leader by a 2-to-1 Margin

51% of Australians approve of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s job performance

Food Insecurity

The U.S. Has a Responsibility to Help End the Food Crisis, Most Voters Say

But when it comes to where the aid should go, politics and media attention shape attitudes

Food Insecurity Is Up in Europe, Raising Political Risks

As domestic opposition parties and Russia tap into discontent, businesses should brace for short-term policy fixes and longer-term instability

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