Latin America

Biden’s Pivot to Asia Has a Crucial Latin American Component That’s at Risk of Neglect
China’s commercial and economic ties to the region should only grow its influence there as the United States struggles to focus on its neighbors’ most pressing concerns

Trans-Atlantic Security Relations

Voters Approve of U.S.-E.U. Trade and Tech Council’s Efforts to Strengthen Export Controls
Near-term trans-Atlantic cooperation on critical technologies will focus on Russia, but unilateral U.S. action on China remains a strong possibility

U.S. and China

Voters Are Slightly More Likely Than Not to See a U.S. Obligation to Taiwan

Americans are far from a consensus about defending Taiwan from a Chinese invasion, but nearly 2 in 3 back formal recognition of Taipei

Asian Security Relations

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Has Not Increased Global Appetite for a U.S.-China Decoupling

Prevailing dovish sentiment will help keep multinational supply chains open and capital flows steady

U.S. and China

Indo-Pacific Views of U.S.- and China-Led Trade and Investment Disadvantage Chinese Companies

American multinationals stand to benefit even if the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework continues to receive a chilly reception

Global Trade

In a Sharp Reversal, Democrats No Longer Support Reducing Tariffs on China to Combat Inflation

The shift takes a key tactic previously available to companies fighting the tariffs off the table, leaving few viable options

Corporate Activism

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