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Most Americans Now Believe Russia Will Likely Meddle in Midterms

Share of those who believe in potential Russian interference up 10 points from January

Consumers Say Treating Phone Addiction Is Up to Users as Tech Firms Tackle Issue

Majorities of U.S. adults in poll say phone addiction is a problem among children and grownups

Survey Suggests U.S. Adults Prioritize Food Quality in Third-Party Delivery Services

It's a potential warning signal for restaurants that partner with companies like Uber Eats and Grubhub, expert says

Facebook’s Push for Political Ad Transparency Ensnares Users, News Media

Media advocacy group CEO writes to Facebook, Congress to demand changes to how news outlets are classified

Women More Worried About Automation as Experts See Higher Likelihood of Job Losses

Poll shows 25% of men see job opportunities from automation, compared with 15% of women who said the same

After Amazon Adopts Rooney Rule, Black Lawmakers Call for More Diversity in Tech

Tech Accountability Caucus co-chair says congressional hearings, meetings can help keep pressure on Silicon Valley

Almost 3 in 4 Americans Say Trump Uses Twitter Too Much

Poll also finds majority of voters say his Twitter usage is harmful to presidency

Views on Automation’s U.S. Workforce Impact Highlight Demographic Divide

More anxiety among lower-skilled Americans, but workers overall don’t seem worried

Most U.S. Adults in Poll Unwilling to Share Personal Data for Ads to Keep a Service Free

Consumer privacy expert says European Union's GDPR could inspire more data privacy protections in the U.S.

Some Voters Who Support Net Neutrality Aren’t Necessarily Opposed to Rule Repeal

Polling suggests disconnect among backers of 2015 Open Internet Order