Many Twitter Users Think Privatizing Social Media Companies Would Worsen Misinformation, Hate Speech

About 2 in 5 U.S. Twitter users said the spread of misinformation would get worse if social media companies go private, compared to 1 in 5 who said it would get better

Following Elon Musk’s Attempted Twitter Takeover, Half of Republicans Say They Feel Muzzled on Social Media

But a 43% plurality of all U.S. adults say they can express themselves freely on social media, in a survey conducted days after Musk said platforms must do more to protect free speech

Nearly 7 in 10 Voters Support Government, Social Media Bans for Russian State Media

Voter support for the bans comes after the European Union restricted Russian state-sponsored media and YouTube blocked access to it worldwide on its platform

Following Biden’s SOTU Push, Most Voters Support Potential Bills to Make Social Media Safer for Children

Voters were especially supportive of giving parents more control over exposures their children have to certain features and content


More Than Half of Voters Still Back Net Neutrality Laws

About 3 in 5 Democrats and nearly half of Republicans support net neutrality, while overall voter backing has held relatively steady since federal rules were repealed

Federal Regulators Want to Bolster Network Resiliency During Natural Disasters. Hurricane Ida Offers Some Lessons on Where to Begin

Thousands lost cable and wireless connections in Louisiana during Hurricane Ida. Now, policymakers are examining how networks can be strengthened faster and how to get telecom companies onboard

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