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Voters Oppose Digitized 3D Gun Blueprints, Support Laws for Self-Made Firearms

Proponent of 3D gun blueprints argues it’s about free speech, not the “whims of the mob” on gun rights

GOP Voters Grow More Skeptical of Election Cybersecurity Ahead of 2018 Midterms

Fewer poll respondents believe states, campaigns are equipped to combat hacking attacks

Dockless Transport Options Are Powering Up, Sparking Consumer Interest

Poll indicates electric scooters and bikes have promise but have long way to go before becoming ubiquitous

Security and Access Concerns Lead Efforts to Modernize Federal Websites

Cyber issues ‘our greatest national security threat,’ lawmaker says

Public Supports Solar Mandates in States

Majority of adults in poll also say they would consider installing solar panels on their house

With AT&T-Time Warner, More Content Options and Higher Prices Expected

Poll shows consumers favor the content quality, amount and speed of current cable and streaming services

Most Republicans Support Vertical Mergers Despite AT&T-Time Warner Court Challenge

Poll shows Republicans also more likely to support government’s current regulatory approach

To Draw in Millennials, Theme Parks Rely on Nostalgia and Tech

Survey shows millennials more likely to visit theme parks than other age groups

Most Americans Now Believe Russia Will Likely Meddle in Midterms

Share of those who believe in potential Russian interference up 10 points from January

Consumers Say Treating Phone Addiction Is Up to Users as Tech Firms Tackle Issue

Majorities of U.S. adults in poll say phone addiction is a problem among children and grownups