Companies Are Set to Spend Billions on the Metaverse in the Next Decade. These Are the Groups They Should Target

Younger generations and Black and Hispanic adults were among the demographics most likely to say they are interested in the metaverse

Nearly 7 in 10 Voters Support Government, Social Media Bans for Russian State Media

Voter support for the bans comes after the European Union restricted Russian state-sponsored media and YouTube blocked access to it worldwide on its platform

Following Biden’s SOTU Push, Most Voters Support Potential Bills to Make Social Media Safer for Children

Voters were especially supportive of giving parents more control over exposures their children have to certain features and content

Lawmakers See 2022 as the Year to Rein in Social Media. Others Worry Politics Will Get in the Way

Efforts to regulate the industry gathered steam in 2021 both nationally and at the state level, but partisan differences may undermine future efforts


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