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Most States Won by Trump in 2016 Stand to Lose in Long Tech Trade War With China

Report shows out of the 30 red states, 24 saw rise in jobs tied to tech exports to China from 2016 to 2017

In New Hampshire, Klobuchar to Lay Out Wide-Reaching 2020 Tech Agenda

Minnesota senator wants to overhaul antitrust and privacy laws, provide social services to gig workers

49% of Young Viewers Would Cancel Netflix if It Loses ‘Office,’ ‘Friends,’ Disney, Marvel

But analysts doubt the removal of licensed content would lead to big subscriber losses

Most Voters Say Sri Lanka Was Right to Cut Off Social Media Access

South Asian country shut down social media sites after Easter bombing attacks

Though Twitter Is Free, Some Users Say They’d Be Willing to Pay

27% of 18- to 29-year-olds said they'd pay to use Twitter, but experts contend consumers won’t pull out their wallet just yet

MLB Gives Teams the Keys to YouTube

League lags behind competitors on the platform, MLB sources say

Ad Industry Trade Groups Unite in New Privacy-Focused Lobbying Effort

Privacy for America set to meet with lawmakers, regulators and the White House

How Regulation Threatens Not Just Tech Giants’ Business but Their Popularity Too

Public anger at any restrictions on services is more likely to hit the brands than the lawmakers behind the push

MLB, Facebook Scale Back Streaming Deal for 2019 Season to 6 Non-Exclusive Games

In 2018, the social media platform livestreamed 25 games exclusively

Spotify, Hulu Cut Their Bundle to $9.99, but Consumers Say They Would Pay a Lot More

Analysis shows $16 is the optimal price for a streaming subscription that includes TV/movies plus music