A U.S. Ban on Chinese-Based Social Media Platforms Is Popular, Except Among Younger Voters

Lawmakers are pursuing bills that would ban Chinese-owned TikTok on government devices and the United States as a whole

Elon Musk’s Politically Polarizing Effect

Republicans now have a rosier view of Twitter and Tesla

Gen Z Is Extremely Online

More than half of Gen Zers spend four or more hours on social media every single day, per a new Morning Consult survey

U.S. Consumers Are Unlikely to Support Brands That Advertise on Twitter in Its Current State

41% of U.S. adults also think social media platforms should implement more rigorous content moderation policies, per a new Morning Consult survey

Data Privacy Is Different for Gen Z

Gen Z’s unique relationship with data privacy makes it more difficult for brands to set themselves apart on the issue, writes tech analyst Jordan Marlatt

For Consumers, Data Privacy Has a Fluid Definition

Data privacy is a nuanced topic for consumers and takes on different meanings depending on the type of online interaction they’re engaged in, writes tech analyst Jordan Marlatt

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