What Decision Intelligence can do for communications

Improve brand reputation

Our survey technology offers insights into how your target audiences think, feel and speak about issues relevant to your brand, helping you craft messaging that builds trust.

Measure impact on priority audiences

Our daily brand perception surveys are fielded and published within 24 hours, allowing your team to see how key audiences are responding to your efforts as they unfold.

Join the conversation organically

Find organic ways to insert your brand into the news cycle by leveraging our intel into the right message, channel and timing to reach key audiences.

Know when to respond publicly

We’ll help you identify the current events that merit a response from your brand and tailor your communications to the audiences most impacted.

Develop proactive strategies for building brand loyalty

Our technology illuminates your target audiences’ daily habits, finances, politics and more. With these insights, you can plan initiatives that resonate and build loyalty.

Keep up with news coverage and your brand perception

Our always-on survey research continually gathers opinions on you and your competitors.

Let’s talk about how Morning Consult’s solutions can work for your team.

Why communications teams need Morning Consult

We build customized solutions that help communications strategists arrive quickly at what matters for their key audiences. With our technology, you’ll have:

The ability to demonstrate long-term impact on brand health metrics


Measure brand reputation changes over time through our daily tracking of favorability, trust, awareness, community impact and more.

Resources for telling a rich, data-driven story to the market


Our analysts will work with you to gather novel insights into your industry, establishing your organization as a thought leader and strengthening its brand equity.

Custom brand reputation analysis ready in a week


We can turn around custom research into how niche audiences view your brand in about five days — faster than our competitors, who often require weeks or months.

Researchers available on call to contextualize your data


Our experts will be available whenever your team needs help separating the signal — what matters most to your core audiences — from the noise of today’s media.

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Featured case study in brand reputation management

Visa case study


With us, Visa has a proactive partner who actively searches for ways the communications team can strengthen its reputation with priority audiences — and ultimately impact the bottom line.



Our latest news and analysis

Explore our reporting on economics, geopolitics, brand health and culture, created using our high-frequency survey technology. 

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