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Voters More Likely Than Not to Think Republicans Will Try for Medicare, Social Security Cuts

Just over a third of voters believe GOP promises to keep the programs off limits in debt ceiling negotiations

Nearly Half of Voters Support GOP Plans to Cancel New IRS Funding

46% plurality of voters said they support Republican legislation to rescind billions in fresh funding from the Inflation Reduction Act, including more than a third of Democrats and half of high-earners

Kyrsten Sinema Remains Among America’s Most Unpopular Senators After Party Switch

Republicans and unaffiliated Arizona voters grew more fond of Sinema after she left the Democratic Party to become an independent

Kevin McCarthy’s Image Among Voters Deteriorates After Speakership Fight

49% of voters hold negative opinions of the California Republican, up from 43% the previous week

Jan. 6 Will Continue to Haunt Republicans Politically, Surveys Suggest

Plenty of Americans say it will have an impact on their vote in 2024

GOP Voters Show Signs of Increasing Election Trust

42% of GOP say contests will be free and fair, up from 35% in June

The Jan. 6 Hearings Hurt Trump With Independents. Will It Cost the GOP in November?

Unaffiliated voters have grown more likely to blame Trump for Capitol riot and to indicate support for Democrats in November

The Jan. 6 Panel’s Hearings Are (Mostly) Falling on Voters’ Deaf Ears

Neither Trump’s standing within the GOP nor the party’s views on his culpability for Jan. 6 have budged

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