Corporate Finance

What Decision Intelligence can do for finance teams

Forecast demand and sales

Our technology anticipates consumer behavior in your industry, priming you to take advantage of clear market gaps, instead of wasting time and money on transitory trends.

Predict consumer behavior

Anticipate how general consumer trends will affect your specific segments through our daily tracking technology, which captures more than 100 demographics and psychographics.

Strategize for market entry

Leverage our predictive consumer analytics to develop a strategy for entering new markets, encompassing the right timing, audiences, sales tactics and marketing plan.

Invest with foresight

Through our demand forecasting technology, you’ll gain clarity on which investments will yield the strongest returns — whether it’s a new product, segment or geography.

Respond to global crises

We’ll equip your team to respond to economic crises with our future-focused economic data and predictive understanding of consumer behavior.

Leverage the consumer voice

Bring the consumer voice into your forecasting with our daily tracking of consumer sentiment, spending, inflation expectations and more.

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Why finance teams need Morning Consult

We build customized solutions for finance professionals, helping them plan for growth while preparing for challenges. With our technology, you’ll have:

Hassle-free data comparison across markets

Compare economic data across geographies and categories, instead of relying on disparate sources with inconsistent methodology.

Real-time understanding of how major events impact consumer spending

Track specific consumer segments’ financial well-being and economic behaviors — daily, weekly or monthly. With us, you won’t have to wait to get high-quality economic intel.

On-demand access to key market data through our API

Access consumer research on demand using our proprietary API, which gives your team fast and seamless access to economic data. No need to wait on a request.

Insight into trends among employee groups

Create a more desirable and responsive workplace through a deeper understanding of how your staff perceive their financial situation, employer and the economy overall.

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