Despite Signs of Life in the Housing Market, Housing Prices Will Push Top-Line Inflation Down This Year

After consecutive months of declines, a slight uptick in housing demand is unlikely to drastically increase price pressures in the next year

Cooling Inflation Has Been Driven by Goods. How Long Will That Trend Continue?

Price growth has slowed for goods in recent months, but upside risks could inhibit Fed's efforts to lower top-line inflation

Will Services Inflation Slow Before the Fed Has to Take Action?

Weakening demand could help cool services inflation, despite continued pressure from wage gains

Despite Softer Inflation, 2022 Ended on a Sour Note for Consumer Spending (Report Preview)

In December, consumer spending appeared to weaken even as inflation slowed. The price relief may be coming too late in consumers’ minds to trigger a boost to outlays


Consumer Confidence in China Nears Series Lows as Beijing Starts to Unwind COVID-Zero Policies

Beijing is finally moving to loosen its COVID-zero policies, potentially removing a major headwind to consumer confidence and economic activity

Beijing’s Focus on Near-Term Stability Pays Dividends

As economic headwinds convince Chinese policymakers to prioritize near-term stability, recent efforts to bolster sentiment in the real estate market appear to be paying off

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