Monthly Report: State of Consumer Spending

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Beijing’s Focus on Near-Term Stability Pays Dividends

As economic headwinds convince Chinese policymakers to prioritize near-term stability, recent efforts to bolster sentiment in the real estate market appear to be paying off

Chinese Consumer Confidence Stabilizes in January, Despite Real Estate Concerns

Consumer sentiment has broadly stabilized in China this month, even amid additional COVID-19 outbreaks and further deterioration in housing price expectations

Supply Chain

U.S. Supply Chains & Inflation Report: June 2022

Our report dives into the latest inflation concerns as the pandemic continues to impact purchasing considerations.

Consumer Response to Inflation, Supply Chain Disruptions Varies Across the Country

A confluence of factors continues to challenge distribution networks in the United States, putting upward pressure on consumer prices — but certain regions are feeling the pinch more than others

U.S. Supply Chains & Inflation: May 2022 Report

As inflation concerns weigh on consumer purchasing behavior, it’s important to understand the relationship between supply and price dynamics

Understanding Consumers’ Response to Rising Prices with Morning Consult’s New Framework for Supply Chains and Inflation

Our report tracks supply chain disruptions and inflationary pressures from the consumer perspective, providing insight into consumer behavior.

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