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Consumers Say Treating Phone Addiction Is Up to Users as Tech Firms Tackle Issue

Majorities of U.S. adults in poll say phone addiction is a problem among children and grownups

Why We’re Still Not Spending Enough on Mother’s Day

We spend more on Mother's Day than Father's Day, but moms still perform bigger share of child care

Poll: World Cup Rivals NBA Finals, World Series in Capturing Young Adults’ Attention

Interest in soccer attributed to increase in viewing options, growth of Major League Soccer

Survey Suggests U.S. Adults Prioritize Food Quality in Third-Party Delivery Services

It's a potential warning signal for restaurants that partner with companies like Uber Eats and Grubhub, expert says

Facebook’s Push for Political Ad Transparency Ensnares Users, News Media

Media advocacy group CEO writes to Facebook, Congress to demand changes to how news outlets are classified

Legal Sports Gambling’s Future: Younger and Less Wealthy Bettors

A new national survey shows how legalization is likely to change the face of the practice

Voters Split on Whether Remarks Like Roseanne’s Mean Someone Is Racist

But majority agree that the TV star’s tweet about former Obama adviser was racist

Christians, White Evangelicals Have Contrasting Views on Issues in Cake Case

White evangelicals only Christian group in poll to side with baker who refused to bake cake for same-sex wedding

NFL’s National Anthem Policy Draws Support From 53% of U.S. Adults in Poll

Policy unlikely to change people’s views of league, experts say

How #MeToo Impacts Viewers’ Decisions on What to Watch

Survey finds allegations of sexual misconduct or assault against an actor have limited influence on U.S. audience