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Comedy Central’s First-Ever Social Impact VP Isn’t Afraid to Take on Divisive Issues

Erika Soto Lamb joined the network from a grassroots, issue advocacy background

The Most Loved Entertainers

From Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson to Kim Kardashian West, here’s whom Americans love most, and whose endorsements they’re most willing to follow.

A Year Into #MeToo, Public Worried About False Allegations

Most Americans equally concerned for men being falsely accused and women facing sexual assault

Hollywood Should (Mostly) Stay Out of Politics

Poll: Celebrities should avoid mentioning Trump, endorsing candidates if they’re going to enter the political sphere

DeGeneres, Minaj Among Celebrities Whose Social Posts Drew FTC Interest in Past Year

Documents from regulator show 21 “influencers” received letters seeking to educate them about ad disclosure rules

A Year After Major Actions, FTC’s Influencer Marketing Guidelines Still Overlooked

Experts say guidelines too ambiguous to adequately enforce or follow

As Esports Grows Up, So Does Its Advertising

Advertising executives eager to enter esports ecosystem will find new opportunities in the growing industry

Don’t Fear the Commenters: One Startup’s Experience With Reddit Ads

Tab For a Cause says native ads have led to more loyal users but platform has fewer targeting options than rivals

Planes, Trains and (Ride-Hailing) Automobiles

Most airports make a lot of money from parking, but only some are losing revenue to Uber and Lyft

Nike’s Reputation Took a Hit After Kaepernick Ad. Now It’s Climbing Back

After initial drop in consumer sentiment, Nike’s favorability rating is slowly recovering, Morning Consult data shows