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How to Fix the Oscars: A Shorter Broadcast and No Politics

Fan favorites as nominees, performers also go a long way in drawing viewers to awards shows in general

Armed With Digital Ad Tools, Advocacy Groups to Spend More on Issue Ads in 2019

Partisan organizations are looking beyond a gridlocked Congress to 2020 presidential election

No, ‘Die Hard’ Isn’t a Christmas Movie, Most People Say

One-quarter in poll say the Bruce Willis flick is a holiday film; 62% say it isn’t

Nearly a Third of Consumers Say They Plan to Spend Less This Holiday Season

Trend belies tight labor market, rising wages that should suggest higher spending

Christmas Another Sign Partisan Divide Extends to Culture

Analysis finds strong overlap among people who prefer ‘Merry Christmas,’ think political correctness is a problem and identify as Republicans

Tale of Two Tech Cities: NYC, D.C. Startups Prepare to Battle Amazon for Talent

Amazon is entering New York’s tech hub as its workforce grows, while D.C. struggles with a decline

Smartphone Owners Prefer Simple Features Like Battery Life, Durability, Camera Quality

Experts say high smartphone saturation entices manufacturers to focus marketing on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, facial recognition

Most Americans Want Thanksgiving to Be a Holiday From Shopping

But major retailers find ‘Gray Thursday’ too lucrative to pass up

Most Young Adults Have an Appetite for Binge-Watching Shows

A majority of TV watchers said they’ve stayed up late to continue watching a show

Left-Leaning Groups Drop $10 Million on Facebook in Last Week Before Midterms

Republicans were outspent nearly 4 to 1 over the past week