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Spotify, Hulu Cut Their Bundle to $9.99, but Consumers Say They Would Pay a Lot More

Analysis shows $16 is the optimal price for a streaming subscription that includes TV/movies plus music

Horror Films Seeing Appeal Lasting Beyond Opening Weekend

Rise of genre contributing to strong multiples at box office, plans for shared cinematic universe

Most Adults Sour on Carlson’s Show After Hearing Radio Remarks

48% say they’re “much less likely” to watch Fox show, including a third of Republicans

Minute Media Buys The Big Lead, Says It’s Eyeing More Acquisitions

BroadwayHD Is Vying for Big Role on Crowded Streaming Stage

Theater audience sees potential, but media analysts wary that niche service can stand out in fragmented market

Half of the Country Thinks Oscars Are Irrelevant

Most say Hollywood is out of touch with the public

‘American Idol’ Is Back for Its 17th Season, But People Like the Earlier Ones Better

55% of U.S. adults said they preferred the original version of ‘Idol;’ 9% prefer the revival that began airing in 2018

A Best Picture Oscar for ‘Roma’ Would Raise Netflix’s Profile, and Possibly Its Shares

Given lack of Netflix viewer data, awards and nominations can have outsized influence on investor sentiment

Measuring the Impact of Super Bowl Exposure

Rappers Big Boi and Travis Scott received the largest increase in name recognition

As Some Tabloids See Dropping Circulation, Plurality Considers Paparazzi Intrusive

Most adults say editors must use discretion when buying photos from photographers who behave irresponsibly