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Podcasts Lost the Commuter Audience, but 18% of Adults Say They’re Listening More

Poll shows Gen Z has increased podcast use the most, with 31% listening more since they started social distancing

Brands That Feature Social Interaction in Ads Risk Turning Off Consumers, Poll Shows

Most people view hugging or shaking hands in ads as inappropriate, and that affects purchasing intent

Tom Brady, Loved and Loathed, Gives Sports Media the News Cycle It Needs

Amid dearth of sports content, the NFL’s most-recognized name is on the move

Tracking Public Opinion on the Coronavirus

Morning Consult monitors the shifts in U.S. views of the pandemic and its impact on consumer behavior

Sports Shutdowns Have Strong Public Support Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

About 2 in 3 U.S. adults agree with sports leagues’ decisions to halt play

Even as Mexican Friendlies in U.S. Canceled, Sources Say Liga MX Won’t Halt Matches

Mexican federation won't pull domestic games, leaving Liga MX as one of biggest sports properties left on U.S. TV

CONCACAF Postpones Champions League, Including LAFC-Cruz Azul Quarterfinal

International club tournament is latest North American sporting event to be put on hold due to coronavirus spread

Will You Accept These Followers?

Morning Consult tracked each “Bachelor” contestant’s Instagram followers this season. Here’s what we found:

If Coronavirus Spreads Locally, Most Consumers Likely to Shun Leisure Activities

63% would be less likely to go to a concert; 62% said same about going to movies, theater and amusement parks

Nearly Two-Thirds of the Public Have Seen a Michael Bloomberg Ad on TV

A roughly equal share say there are too many political ads on television

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