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Sinclair Controversy Does Little to Change Voter Views on Media Credibility

41% plurality trust local news more than national news, but many rely more on national news to stay informed

Americans Less Trusting of Self-Driving Safety Following High-Profile Accidents

Poll shows 50% of U.S. adults say self-driving cars are less safe than human drivers

Hydrogen Cars Aren’t the Hindenburg, and Other Marketing Hurdles for Toyota’s Mirai

As it bets on fuel cell technology, automaker faces consumer misconceptions, lack of fueling stations

MLB Pace-of-Play Changes Unlikely to Help Baseball Viewership

43 percent of poll respondents said rule changes would have no impact on decision to watch ball games

Republicans Are Ripe for ‘Roseanne’ Revival

A recent survey reveals that Republicans, whites don't feel represented in pop culture

Backlash After United’s Pet Scandals Less Severe Than After Dragging Video

Airline's net favorability sank 28 points vs. 47-point drop after passenger dragged off plane in April 2017

To Win Streaming Music Wars, Spotify Has Potential Edge in Its Appeal to Young Adults

18-29 age group more likely to have Spotify account or choose service compared to general population in poll

Why the Public Overlooks and Undervalues Tech’s Power

Some experts say the tech industry is rapidly nearing a day of reckoning

Interest Down Ahead of NCAA Tournament, But Bracket Playing About Steady

Poll shows viewers' plans for how they intend to watch this year's games on both TV and online also changed

Healthier Choices, Not Disney Toys, More Likely to Get Parents to Buy Happy Meals

Poll shows parents more receptive to McDonald's menu changes emphasizing fewer calories, fat and sugar