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How Miss America’s Swimsuits Are Really About Politics, Not Gender

Most people support end of bikini segment, but public divided along political lines over objectification of women

How Perceptions of News Accuracy Shift With Outlet — And Topic

A Poll of Polls: What Do Americans Trust?

The public is more likely to trust polls that are bad for liberals

American Parents Divided by Party on Safety of Arming Teachers

In the wake of school shootings, Republicans more willing than other parties to pay higher taxes to arm teachers

Parents Shifting More of Their Back-to-School Shopping to Physical Stores

Poll: 71% of preschool to 12th-grade parents say they plan to spend more in stores than online, up from 66% in 2017

One Season Later, Opposition to NFL National Anthem Protests Holds Steady

July poll shows 46% of adults oppose players’ kneeling during anthem, the same amount as September poll

Poll: 67% of U.S. Adults Support Companies’ Phaseout of Plastic Straws

Most consumers believe eliminating plastic straws in businesses will be effective in cutting waste

Got Milk? For 46% of U.S. Adults in Poll, Only if It’s From an Animal

FDA chief suggests barring plant-based beverages from being marketed as ‘milk’

Dockless Transport Options Are Powering Up, Sparking Consumer Interest

Poll indicates electric scooters and bikes have promise but have long way to go before becoming ubiquitous

Who Should Regulate Marijuana? Most Say States Over the Federal Government

Experts say every state will have legal or recreational marijuana rules on the books in next five years