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Raptors See Success With Unorthodox Marketing Structure

NBA VP calls Toronto a model franchise in partnerships

NFL Relaxes Policy on Alcohol Sponsorships

League to allow expanded use of team, player likeness for booze marketing

CBS Is Evaluating Changes to Its Super Bowl Ad Presentation, Sports Chairman Says

Network is exploring two-box commercial display, selling fewer units, according to McManus

High-Profile NBA Draft Prospects Hail From Blue-Blood Programs

But where players end up is most important for future off-court earnings potential

ESPN Removes Content From $100 Million-Backed Podcast App Luminary

Expert says the decision could negatively impact the startup’s growth, programming decisions

Though Twitter Is Free, Some Users Say They’d Be Willing to Pay

27% of 18- to 29-year-olds said they'd pay to use Twitter, but experts contend consumers won’t pull out their wallet just yet

Tiger Woods Bounces Back With the American Public

Half of U.S. adults view Woods favorably after fifth Masters win

MLB Gives Teams the Keys to YouTube

League lags behind competitors on the platform, MLB sources say

MLB, Facebook Scale Back Streaming Deal for 2019 Season to 6 Non-Exclusive Games

In 2018, the social media platform livestreamed 25 games exclusively

Racial Divides Persist on Compensation for Student-Athletes

Blacks much more likely than whites to support compensating college athletes