Half of Voters Disapprove of Supreme Court Ruling to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Survey comes amid health care, political fallout of decision to revoke federal abortion rights

More Than Half of U.S. Abortions Are Done With Pills. Americans Don’t Know Much About Them

Public views medication abortion as less safe than surgical procedure, despite low risks of either option

Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling Will Ripple Across the Reproductive Care Landscape. Women Are Worried About Birth Control and Much More

Nearly 3 in 5 women under 45 say they’re worried about the accessibility of birth control if Roe v. Wade falls, an 11-point jump from April, before the high court’s draft opinion leaked

After Leak of Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade Opinion, Voters Are More Entrenched in Their Abortion Views

Survey also shows voters who want Roe to fall mostly back abortion penalties

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