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Facing Prohibitive Costs, 58% of U.S. Adults Say They Delay or Decline Medical Care

Seniors were only age group in which majority said costs didn’t deter them from treatment

Trump Calls GOP ‘The Party of Health Care,’ but Voters Beg to Differ

Democrats more trusted than Republicans to protect health system, people with pre-existing conditions

Battle Lines Harden as Providers, Payers Grow Accusatory Over Surprise Bills

Hostilities mount between powerful industry players ahead of legislation

House Oversight Orders Drug Czar to Provide New Drug Strategy in 60 Days

Office of National Drug Control Policy has 2 weeks to give GAO requested documents on operations in 2017, 2018

‘Medicare for All’ Loses Upper Hand Over ‘Single-Payer’

Majority of voters back national health plan under either name, but disparity in support between two labels shrinks

As ‘Medicare for All’ Bill’s Authors Demand Action, Some Democrats Fear Party Fracture

Democrats' hurdles could mirror Republican experience on ACA ‘repeal and replace’ efforts

CMS Estimates Annual U.S. Health Care Spending to Hit $5.96 Trillion by 2027

In 2018-2027, health expenditure growth seen outpacing annual GDP growth by average of 0.8 percentage points

Voter Support for ‘Medicare for All’ Tumbles in New Year

From January to February, net support for single-payer health system fell over 50% to 12 points

In Oklahoma, A Warning for Proponents of Value-Based Pharma Payment

State’s experimental Medicaid program has seen only four contracts as drugmakers leery of risk

OPM Said to Work With Insurers to Prevent Lapse of Federal Dental, Vision Coverage

Agency, carriers looking to extend grace period for missed premium payments from 2 pay periods to 3, sources say