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Study: Racial Health Coverage Gaps Narrow, Especially in Expanded Medicaid States

Affordable Care Act has reduced disparities in uninsured rates and other health care metrics, according to new Commonwealth Fund report

Morning Consult’s Most-Read Stories of 2019

Debates shaping the 2020 race -- and data-driven coverage of the race itself -- interested readers most this year

The 2019 Stats That Stood Out

Morning Consult’s reporters list the public opinion findings that most caught their eye over the past year

Trump Administration’s Drug Importation Plan: Instant Reaction

Move seen as proof of government’s commitment to lower prices, criticized as ineffective

Trump Administration Unveils Plan to Allow Prescription Drug Imports

2 pathways would allow states to work with drugmakers on Canadian imports, allow manufacturers to import drugs

With Surprise Billing Left on Cutting Room Floor, Study Finds Fix Could Save Billions

Research published in Health Affairs finds majority of out-of-network bills concentrated in small minority of hospitals

Top 5 Health Policy Predictions for 2020

Uncertainty remains on Capitol Hill, but sustained focus on price transparency and digital health are sure bets heading into the new year

Heading Into 2020, Sickle Cell Community Welcomes Next Generation of Treatment

Hematologists at annual conference celebrate accelerating pipeline of drugs after decades of waiting

Warren’s Health Plan Sought Balance. But Voters Aren’t Moved by Middle Ground

Democrats, all voters prefer public option or single-payer to the senator’s transition plan

U.S. Health Spending Rose to $3.6 Trillion in 2018, Propelled by Health Insurance Tax

American households spent $1 trillion on health care in 2018

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