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Majority of Voters Back National Health Plan — Unless It’s Called ‘Single Payer’

Support for government-run system rises 9 points to 58% when labeled ‘Medicare for all’ instead of ‘single payer’

Why the Health Care Industry Is Happy About Gridlock in Congress

Experts say major health policy changes likely to stall with split chambers, reducing industry uncertainty

Days Before Midterms, GOP Messaging on Health Care Hasn’t Swayed Voters

Voters continue to trust Democrats more on major health issues

Majority of Voters Say Obama, Not Trump, Responsible for State of Health Care, ACA

Shift toward former president is driven by Democrats and independents

McConnell Revives Prospect of ACA Repeal, but GOP Voters’ Interest on the Decline

74% of Republican voters back partial or complete repeal of Obamacare, from 83% percent in August

Why Democrats Are Running on Health Care

Voters who say health care is top issue favor Democrats over GOP by 28 point margin

In Departure From Past Elections, Seniors Lean Toward Democrats

Democrats have a 19-point generic ballot edge with highly motivated seniors’ issue voters

A Gap Between Opioid Bills Has an Easy Fix in Existing Medicaid Waivers, Experts Say

House bill partially lifts IMD exclusion on Medicaid coverage for addiction treatment; Senate version has no repeal

ACA’s Pre-Existing Condition Protections Find Bipartisan Support Ahead of Midterms

Poll: 83% of Democrats, 80% of GOP voters say insurers should have to cover all people regardless of health issues

Got Milk? For 46% of U.S. Adults in Poll, Only if It’s From an Animal

FDA chief suggests barring plant-based beverages from being marketed as ‘milk’