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In Departure From Past Elections, Seniors Lean Toward Democrats

Democrats have a 19-point generic ballot edge with highly motivated seniors’ issue voters

A Gap Between Opioid Bills Has an Easy Fix in Existing Medicaid Waivers, Experts Say

House bill partially lifts IMD exclusion on Medicaid coverage for addiction treatment; Senate version has no repeal

ACA’s Pre-Existing Condition Protections Find Bipartisan Support Ahead of Midterms

Poll: 83% of Democrats, 80% of GOP voters say insurers should have to cover all people regardless of health issues

Got Milk? For 46% of U.S. Adults in Poll, Only if It’s From an Animal

FDA chief suggests barring plant-based beverages from being marketed as ‘milk’

Americans Are Actually Pretty Good at Counting Calories

But poll shows people take factors like salt, protein and fat into account over calories when considering foods

Democrats Look to Press Advantage on Health Care in Midterms

Move comes after the DOJ declined to defend Obamacare's pre-existing conditions protection in court

CMMI Poised to Weather White House’s $800 Million Cut if Approved, Experts Say

Top Democrats raise alarm over funding for innovation center, but experts see value-based models moving forward

Democrats, Public Health Experts Highlight Lack of Funds as Opioid Bills Advance

Legislation moved by Senate HELP, House Energy and Commerce have bipartisan support but no new money

Cornyn Backs Wyden’s Call to Have Drug Executives Testify Before Senate Panel

It’s a good idea, Senate majority whip says, but he also wants money for border security

Senate Finance Panel’s Opioid Hearing to Focus on Changes to Medicare, Medicaid

Policy outline includes evaluations of prescriber and patient education about proper opioid use