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Conflict on Fetal Rights Lies at the Heart of America’s Abortion Debate

Thirty-eight percent of U.S. adults believe life begins at conception, shaping how views on legislation are formed

Biden’s 2020 Standing Untouched by Abortion Controversy

New position on Hyde Amendment has little impact on former vice president’s first-choice support

Amid New Abortion Laws, More Democratic Voters Prioritize Issues Concerning Women

15% say these matters are at the top of their mind when considering their vote, up 8 points since early May

Study: Trump’s Immigration Agenda May Compromise Care for Elderly, Disabled

Policies to deter immigrants could wound health care workforce, which is dependent on immigrant labor

‘Medicare for All’ Advocates Strategize to Win Over the Working Class

Lawmakers, activists focus on single-payer as method to empower workers to negotiate higher pay, boost economy

Most Voters Oppose Abortion Laws Enacted in Alabama, Georgia

As anti-abortion activists target Roe v. Wade, most of the electorate also opposes overturning the 1973 precedent

As States Rethink Vaccine Laws, Support for Mandatory Shots Lowest With Young Adults

60% of 18-29 age group back required vaccinations vs. 72% of all voters

Why Biden’s Cold Shoulder on ‘Medicare for All’ Is a Safe Bet Politically

Even most backers of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ plan are open to other options

House Budget Panel to Hold Hearing on ‘Medicare for All,’ Single-Payer Plans in May

Lawmakers will focus on May 1 CBO report about financing and implementing a national health plan

How the ‘Medicare for All’ Messaging Battle Can Be Won, or Lost

Ability to keep current hospital and doctor, enroll voluntarily would sway most opponents