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Most Trump Voters Back His Proposed Ban on Flavored E-Cigarettes

While some argue the regulation could hurt his re-election, 3 in 4 Trump voters are supportive of a ban

As Vaping-Related Lung Illnesses Worsen, Public Holds E-Cigarettes Like Juul Culpable

The share who believe vaping is ‘very harmful’ up 20 points since June 2018

Next Time, Voters Want a Health Care Debate That Hits Closer to Home

47% plurality of voters who saw 3rd Democratic debate want to know how candidates' plans affect personal costs

Juul Takes a Hit After a Long Year

E-cigarette giant’s popularity has nosedived over 14 months, leading to a net favorability rating of minus 23 points

As Threat of Antibiotic Resistance Mounts, Biotechs Are Running Out of Cash and Time

Drugmakers working on new treatments seeking swift congressional, regulatory action to ease financial concerns

Rising Democratic Support for Candidates Who Favor ‘Medicare for All’ Over ACA

Increase comes amid wider media coverage of party’s debate over single-payer health system

Study Suggests Medicaid Expansion Helps Boost Access to Opioid Addiction Drug

Buprenorphine prescriptions rose substantially in states that expanded Medicaid through ACA, per Urban Institute

Democrats, Independents Less Likely Than GOP to Blame Mental Illness in Gun Attacks

59% of GOP voters place ‘a lot’ of blame on mental health problems even as medical professionals dispute any link

On Health Care, Sanders Edges Biden Among Democratic Primary Voters

About a quarter of them say they trust Vermont senator the most to understand, fix the problems with U.S. system

The Democratic Health Care Debate Is Intensifying. But Is Reform a Top Priority?

Even as leading candidates clash on proposals, health reform hasn’t surfaced to top of legislative agenda

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