A Judge Struck Down the Federal Mask Mandate for Transit. Most Voters Supported Extending It

Support for 15-day extension of mask requirement driven by Democrats

Most Long COVID Patients Are Seeking Help From Their Primary Care Doctor

New analysis of 78,000 long COVID-19 patients finds common diagnoses, medical care settings

Millions of Americans Have Long COVID. Exclusive Data Shows Which Patients Are Hit Hardest

New analysis of 78,000 privately insured long COVID-19 patients shows many are younger, female

Congress Took Funding for Global COVID-19 Vaccinations Off the Table. More Than Half of Voters Say It Should Be a Priority

Voters more likely to back funding for U.S. vaccinations than those overseas

As Pandemic Drags On, Kids Are Struggling With Their Mental Health. So Are Their Parents

Parents’ views of their children’s mental health and their own are linked, survey shows

Digital Mental Health Startups for Kids Are Raking in Cash, New Data Shows. It Won’t Be Enough to Fix the Crisis

Digital companies face payment, workforce challenges as they try to plug shortage of youth behavioral health care

Just 1 in 2 Adults Say It’s Easy to Access Mental Health Care Where They Live

Findings come as health officials warn of pandemic’s effect on mental health

Nearly 3 in 5 U.S. Asian Adults Say Reports of Racism, Violence Have Affected Their Mental Health

Most say Asians have faced more discrimination in the United States during the past year

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