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Letter From House Democrats Urges Aid for Renewables in Coronavirus Stimulus

After Senate package proposes aid for oil and gas industry, House Democrats counter with support for renewables

Amid Coronavirus, Voters Reluctant to Fly, but Split on Potential Airline Bailout

Lawmakers considering a bailout for the industry threatened by precipitous drops in demand

House Democrats Push for Renewable Energy Tax Credits in Coronavirus Stimulus

Environmental advocacy, renewable energy trade groups rally for seven provisions

Public More Receptive to Oil and Gas Bailout Than the Industry Itself

Major trade groups opposed to White House intervention, though more than 2 in 5 adults approve

Morning Consult’s Most-Read Stories of 2019

Debates shaping the 2020 race -- and data-driven coverage of the race itself -- interested readers most this year

NELA or Not, Congress Funds Reactor Demonstrations at DOE

Advocates praised the $1.49 billion budget for the Office of Nuclear Energy but still want authorizing text

The 2019 Stats That Stood Out

Morning Consult’s reporters list the public opinion findings that most caught their eye over the past year

Top 5 Energy Policy Predictions for 2020

Analysts say we might (finally) see an energy package pass next year

Advanced Reactor Developer Oklo Receives Site Use Permit From Energy Department

Permit to build at Idaho National Laboratory is the first granted for a non-light water power reactor

Carbon Capture Advocates: Tech Is Being Revitalized, but More Support Needed

The Global CCS Institute tallies a broader project pipeline for second year in a row

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