Voters Are More Likely to Attribute Falling Gas Prices to Market Conditions Than Biden’s Policies

More than half (57%) point to recession concerns as the main driver of declines in gas prices, while 38% say the same for the current administration’s policies

About 7 in 10 Voters Say They Would Back a Federal Gas Tax Holiday

Democrats are more likely to support a gas tax holiday than Republicans, though not by much

Most Voters Support Temporary Gas Tax Breaks, Boosting Domestic Oil Supplies to Combat Rising Fuel Prices

About half of voters back national emergency declaration for climate change, as gas price proposals would increase use of fossil fuels

Climate Change

7 in 10 Urban Voters Want Their Government to Prioritize Communities of Color When Making Climate Change Investments

Urban white voters and urban voters of color are almost equally supportive of funding aimed at reducing the adverse consequences of pollution in minority communities

Most of the Public Views Disasters, Storms as Increasingly Severe. And They Expect That Trend to Continue

Democrats roughly 30 points more likely than Republicans to say disasters have gotten more severe, will continue to do so

Momentum for Biden Administration Ahead of Senate’s Build Back Better Talks: Most of the Public Is Supportive of COP26 Climate Pledges

But new data shows only small shares believe Biden -- or the United States as a whole -- has done enough

Sobering Findings From IPCC’s Landmark Climate Report Leave Public Worried About Impacts, Unconfident About Action

About half of U.S. adults have heard at least something about the U.N. report and its conclusions

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