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More Voters Linking Human Activity to Climate Change

Almost a third of GOP voters place a great deal of trust in Trump on climate change

Nuclear Advocates Set Sights on Advanced Reactors for Puerto Rico

With big push of meetings with key officials, nuclear industry hopes to be part of Puerto Rico’s energy future

U.S. Nuclear Suppliers Seen at Risk of Losing Business Under Export Limits to China

Analysts anticipate obstacles to new contracts in second-largest prospective market for U.S. civil nuclear parts

Retaking House, Democrats Cast Their Eyes on Environmental Oversight

But voters most hope to see congressional action on weather-resilient infrastructure, water and emissions

UN Report Prompts Increased Climate Concern Among Nearly Half of Voters

More Democrats reacted to the report’s dire climate projections than Republicans

Voters Split on Backing Federal Coal, Nuclear Plant Support

Republicans are almost three times more likely than Democrats to back federal financial support for coal plants

Nuclear Export Restrictions to China a Welcome Policy Change, Observers Say

U.S micro-reactor, SMR makers say new limits unlikely to affect business, but some hope for more export changes

Two-Thirds of Energy Voters More Likely to Vote for a Democrat for Congress

Energy issues make inroads into some congressional races

NuScale Takes Step Toward U.S. Deployment in Selecting Manufacturer

Oregon-based company picks BWX Technologies for small modular reactor design

43% Plurality of Voters Oppose EPA’s Proposed Easing of Methane Rule

Industry, environmentalists disagree on the emissions impact of the proposal