Energy Voters Are Becoming More Plentiful — and More Conservative

A Morning Consult demographic analysis finds rising shares of GOP and conservative voters who list energy as their top issue — along with steep falls among Democrats and liberals over the past two years amid rising energy costs

About 3 in 5 Voters Support Strategic Petroleum Reserve Oil Release

Roughly half of Republicans and 7 in 10 Democrats support the measure, which comes as the Biden administration releases 15 million barrels of oil from the SPR

After OPEC+ Cuts Oil Supplies, Nearly Half of U.S. Voters Support ‘NOPEC’ Bill

Over half of Democrats, about 2 in 5 Republicans support measure that would allow U.S. to file lawsuits against OPEC+ members, companies

Nearly Half of Voters Don’t Want Their State to Follow California in Banning New Sales of Gas-Powered Cars

The Golden State’s new rule, set to take full effect by 2035, is more popular than not among urban voters, and much less so for rural voters when thinking about their own states

E.U. Energy Crisis

Backlash Over Energy Costs Constricts European Policy Options Heading Into Winter

European energy solidarity isn’t dead, but regional gas-sharing agreements and sympathy for Germany are both in woefully short supply, with mixed implications for industry

E.U. Energy Integration Could Save Germany From Its Natural Gas Dilemma

Berlin may be in for a rough couple of winters without access to cheap Russian natural gas, but with the right policies it could come out the other side of the crisis more resilient

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