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Preliminary EPA Data Shows Increase in 2017 Energy Sector Methane Emissions

Draft report attributes methane rise from 2016 to coal, natural gas activity

DOE Nearing Decision Checkpoint on Versatile Test Reactor

Completion of stage authorizes conceptual design of project, estimated to cost $3 billion to $3.5 billion

Green New Deal: Instant Reaction

Resolutions appear to leave open the inclusion of non-renewable clean energy sources

NRC Said to Invite TerraPower’s Nathan Myhrvold to Speak at Annual Conference

Regulatory Information Conference usually only features NRC staff, commissioners as top presenters

Nuclear’s Bleak Odds in a Green New Deal

Ocasio-Cortez won’t rule out inclusion of nuclear, but some see sector as incompatible with ‘100% renewable’ focus

Nuclear Industry Hopes for More Legislation in 2019, but Path Uncertain

Incoming Congress’ climate focus seen as beneficial to industry, but lawmakers noncommittal

Top 5 Energy Policy Predictions for 2019

Observers disagreed on whether an infrastructure bill happens or climate bills get a floor vote

Morning Consult’s Most-Read Stories of 2018

Data-driven insights on Trump, Kavanaugh and Fortnite led the year

More Voters Linking Human Activity to Climate Change

Almost a third of GOP voters place a great deal of trust in Trump on climate change

Nuclear Advocates Set Sights on Advanced Reactors for Puerto Rico

With big push of meetings with key officials, nuclear industry hopes to be part of Puerto Rico’s energy future