Food & Beverage

The Road to Recovery for Restaurants Has Gotten Rougher

Comfort levels for on-premises dining were at all-time highs. Then inflation and elevated gas prices hit.

Canadians’ Trust in Tim Hortons Remains High Despite App Privacy Issues

Food & beverage analyst Emily Moquin examines the impact of a recent app-related privacy breach on Tim Hortons’ overall trust

In These Tense Times, CBD Is Thriving

The all-purpose cannabis compound has carved out a place in millennials’ hearts, and its trajectory looks promising

Alcohol Spending Bounces Back, but Some Consumers Continue to Drink Less

Food & beverage analyst Emily Moquin unpacks the impact of budgetary pressures on drinking behaviors

Special Occasions

Restaurants Are Usually a Valentine’s Day Staple. Not This Year

For consumers’ second pandemic-era Valentine’s Day, COVID-19 concerns and personal finances will have them staying home to celebrate, writes food & beverage analyst Emily Moquin

U.S. Consumers Anticipate Higher Grocery Prices Over the Holidays. And They’re Already Adopting Cost-Saving Measures

Most Americans are expecting costlier groceries this holiday season, writes food and beverage analyst Emily Moquin. Many are already comparing prices, choosing store brands over name brands and thinking of other ways to save.

Thanksgiving Food Forecast: Supply Chain Setbacks, Smaller Gatherings and Embracing Tradition

This year’s Thanksgiving holiday was supposed to be a return to normal, writes food and beverage analyst Emily Moquin, but supply chain issues, delta concerns and enduring anxiety are reshaping the holiday

How the Return of Halloween Celebrations Will Fuel Food and Beverage Spending

Millennials are leading the way in spending on food and drinks this Halloween, writes food and beverage analyst Emily Moquin, and many are set on making the holiday healthier

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