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U.S.-E.U. Coordination on Artificial Intelligence Shouldn’t Ignore U.S. Voters’ Concerns About Jobs

Trans-Atlantic cooperation on AI is increasingly focused on threats to democratic values, but U.S. voters want leaders to pay more attention to its impact on their jobs


As Biden Signals Crackdown on Private Equity in Nursing Homes, Exclusive Analysis Shows PE Health Care Provider Deals Hit a High in 2021

Provider deals have slowed in early 2022, but analysts project a full-year outlook of increased interest from private equity buyers


Amid Partisan Finger-Pointing on Inflation, Voters Say a Few Different Entities Have a Lot of Power Over Rising Prices

Comparable shares of voters say the president, Fed, Congress and large corporations have “a lot” of power to manage rising consumer prices


Half of Voters Support Homeland Security Department’s Proposed Board to Fight Disinformation on Elections, Border Policies

Democrats are roughly twice as likely as Republicans to back the creation of the board to combat disinformation around U.S. border policies and elections on social media and elsewhere

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The State of Travel and Hospitality: Q1 2022 Report
Based on over 9,000 survey interviews globally, this report provides insight into how consumers are planning and engaging in travel amid the ongoing pandemic

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