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‘The Last of Us’ Could Upgrade the Reputation of Video Game Adaptations. The Thing Is, Americans Already Liked Them

The majority of U.S. audiences, gamers think Hollywood has done a good job adapting video games into movies and TV series, per a new Morning Consult survey

Fans Say Tua Tagovailoa’s Concussions Damaged the NFL More Than Damar Hamlin’s Cardiac Arrest Did

About 3 in 5 NFL fans said football is “unsafe” after the Hamlin incident, per a new Morning Consult survey

Public Health Agencies Are Retooling as COVID-19 Response Winds Down. A Slim Majority of Adults Trusts Them to Manage Another Pandemic

A decline in trust or approval for public health institutions could have negative consequences if there’s another crisis, health experts warn

Why Travel Brands Should Ditch the Pre-Pandemic Playbook in 2023

Consumers’ travel behaviors this year will look much more similar to 2022 than to any pre-pandemic year, writes travel & hospitality analyst Lindsey Roeschke

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