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The Public Strongly Believes in the Effectiveness of Recycling, but Less So About a Prompt Ban on Single-Use Plastics

74% of U.S. adults think recycling is effective when it comes to protecting the environment and combating climate change, while 56% would back a single-use plastics ban as soon as possible

Democrats Are Most Likely to Say Climate and Energy Provisions in Inflation Reduction Act Are ‘Just Right’

2 in 5 Democrats said the overall bill is “just right” in addressing climate change, though a third said it doesn’t go far enough

34% of Voters Can Find Taiwan on a Map as Pelosi’s Visit Draws Attention to the Island’s Unique Situation

Many Americans are realizing how much they don’t know about Taiwan as the island’s relations with China dominate the headlines

Americans’ Most Trusted Universities, and the Need to Bridge Gaps in Public Trust

Morning Consult’s Most Trusted Universities report by Rahul Choudaha, managing director of higher education, measures public trust in top universities and highlights the importance of building trust among key demographics.

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