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Most Alien Believers Think Government Has Kept UFO Existence From the Public

About 3 in 5 voters believe in extraterrestrial life, and of that share, almost 4 in 5 said the government has concealed information about unidentified flying objects


The Quad Is Not a Squad: Public Uncertainty Over Its Benefits Will Limit Upside Potential for Multinationals

The best-case scenario is that supply chains remain stable and relatively free of geopolitical interference


The Latest Retail Investing Trends: Fintech Brands Take a Hit; Inflation and Potential Recession Reverse Investor Diversity

Financial services analyst Charlotte Principato analyzes early indicators of shifts in retail investing demographics and what they mean for the industry

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The State of Automotive & Mobility: Q1 2022 Report
This quarterly report tracks how consumers are reshaping the automotive and mobility industries amid inflation, supply chain and pandemic woes

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The State of Travel and Hospitality: Q1 2022 Report
Based on over 9,000 survey interviews globally, this report provides insight into how consumers are planning and engaging in travel amid the ongoing pandemic

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