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Americans’ Most Trusted Universities, and the Need to Bridge Gaps in Public Trust

Morning Consult’s Most Trusted Universities report by Rahul Choudaha, managing director of higher education, measures public trust in top universities and highlights the importance of building trust among key demographics.

U.S.-U.K. Trade Advocates Can Cheer State-Level Deals Now and Push for Broader Negotiations After the Midterms

The United Kingdom’s “special relationship” with the United States will counterbalance trade skepticism, but a deal is far from certain

The Jan. 6 Hearings Hurt Trump With Independents. Will It Cost the GOP in November?

Unaffiliated voters have grown more likely to blame Trump for Capitol riot and to indicate support for Democrats in November

A Barometer for Consumer Purchasing Power

By tying together data from two ongoing Morning Consult surveys, our upcoming Consumer Spending & Inflation report will explore how elevated inflation is impacting consumer purchases

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