Eli Yokley



Eli is a Reporter at Morning Consult covering politics & campaigns.

GOP Ties Democrats to ‘Socialism’ Over Single-Payer Health Care Bill

When Sen. Lindsey Graham on Tuesday pitched the health care bill he crafted with Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), the South Carolina Republican presented it as a choice between a GOP measure that would provide block grants to states to administer their own programs or legislation backed by Democrats that he said would amount to “socialism.”

Ward Faces More Vulnerable GOP Senate Incumbent This Time

For the second straight election cycle, Kelli Ward is challenging a prominent Arizona senator in a Republican primary. And while Ward came up short against Sen. John McCain in 2016, the possibility of someone giving Sen. Jeff Flake a run for his money next year is increasingly possible.

Meadows Says Trump ‘Myopically Focused’ on Tax Reform

Despite concerns about the deal reached between President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders to couple a hurricane relief package with a nearly three-month extension of the federal debt limit, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus said he saw a bright side to the news for Republicans hoping for a longer-term plan.