Mark Merritt

The Independent Drugstore Lobby Agenda: A Prescription for Higher Costs

As policymakers explore ways to reduce prescription drug costs, the independent drugstore lobby wants to pass legislation, H.R. 244, that would force consumers to pay more for generic drugs. Under the guise of transparency, the drugstore lobby’s bill would eliminate Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) reimbursement strategies that plans use to reduce costs for private-sector employers, […]

Drugstore Owners Force Congress to Choose Between Them and Seniors

The drugstore lobby is pressuring a growing number of rural lawmakers to choose between wealthy drugstore owners and Medicare seniors.  The lobby wants so-called “any-willing-pharmacy” legislation (H.R. 4577) to ban the popular Medicare Part D plans that offer low premiums to seniors by partnering with lower cost pharmacies. While lawmakers are told that this will […]

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