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Majority of Public Calls Trump’s Bible Signing Inappropriate

Even a plurality of white evangelical Protestants agree

Most Adults Sour on Carlson’s Show After Hearing Radio Remarks

48% say they’re “much less likely” to watch Fox show, including a third of Republicans

Data Privacy Emerges as Possible Bipartisan Path to Credit Bureau Reform

Senate Banking aides say bill likely to be more narrowly focused than Waters’ consumer protections plan

Minute Media Buys The Big Lead, Says It’s Eyeing More Acquisitions

BroadwayHD Is Vying for Big Role on Crowded Streaming Stage

Theater audience sees potential, but media analysts wary that niche service can stand out in fragmented market

Nuclear Jobs Outlook Hinges on Advanced Designs' Success, Existing Plants

Nuclear generation job figures contracted in 2018 but could grow in 2020s

Tax Refunds Are a Political Wash for 2020

Nearly two-thirds of voters say their tax refund won’t impact their 2020 vote

Polling Illustrates Senate Republicans’ Border Wall Bind

Trump’s base-first strategy brings political peril for some GOP members

Most ‘Bachelor’ Viewers May Be in It for the Drama

Half say they tune in to reality dating shows to make fun of them

Most People Haven’t Stopped Listening to Michael Jackson’s Music After Documentary

Plurality of adults don’t believe they should boycott ‘King of Pop’ over allegations