Almost Half of Voters Don’t Trust Trump Administration to Handle Disaster Relief

New poll finds Southern voters divided over trust in federal government to handle a disaster in their communities

43% Plurality of Voters Oppose EPA’s Proposed Easing of Methane Rule

Industry, environmentalists disagree on the emissions impact of the proposal

In Robust Job Market, Gig Workers’ Satisfaction on Par With Wider Workforce

Poll: 67% of those in the gig economy use contract jobs as supplementary income; 33% rely on it as main source

For Democrats, Minority Women Are the Ideal Candidates

Republicans more likely to favor white, male candidates, according to a new survey

Potential Candidates’ Religious Backgrounds Prove Divisive Among Partisans

GOP voters prioritize Christian candidates, are repelled by Muslim ones

ACA’s Pre-Existing Condition Protections Find Bipartisan Support Ahead of Midterms

Poll: 83% of Democrats, 80% of GOP voters say insurers should have to cover all people regardless of health issues

More Voters Call Woodward’s Book Credible Compared to Other Trump Insider Accounts

41% plurality see longtime Washington Post reporter’s book as trustworthy; 23% do not

Morning Consult Expands Nationally to NYC, Chicago, and San Francisco

New Jersey Official Backs Off Threat to Leave PJM

Board of Public Utilities president awaits specifics of support that PJM has assured him is coming

48% of Voters Back EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan Replacement

EPA estimates on carbon emissions, premature deaths influence support for new plan