Trump Approval Virtually Unchanged Amid Child Separation Policy

Most voters oppose separating children from their families, regardless of how the policy is described to them

Small U.S. Oil Producers Face Own ‘Growing Pains’ Outside of OPEC’s Output Decision

Independent crude companies are especially challenged by a lack of pipeline infrastructure

Most Americans Now Believe Russia Will Likely Meddle in Midterms

Share of those who believe in potential Russian interference up 10 points from January

More Voters Oppose Trump's Asylum Policy Than Support It -- But Not by Much

Forty-five percent of registered voters oppose the decision, while 40 percent support it, according to poll

Voters Stay Split on Whether Tariffs Are Good for the United States

Voters are divided, 38% to 42%, on whether duties on Chinese imports will help or hurt U.S. economy

Voters Lukewarm About Eric Holder for President

Former attorney general would lose to Trump in a matchup, with a plurality of voters undecided

Why We're Still Not Spending Enough on Mother's Day

We spend more on Mother's Day than Father's Day, but moms still perform bigger share of child care

Market Participants See Cryptocurrencies More as Investments Than Payment Systems

Survey comes as digital assets come under increased scrutiny from regulators

Democrats Look to Press Advantage on Health Care in Midterms

Move comes after the DOJ declined to defend Obamacare's pre-existing conditions protection in court

Poll: World Cup Rivals NBA Finals, World Series in Capturing Young Adults' Attention

Interest in soccer attributed to increase in viewing options, growth of Major League Soccer