Mapping Scooters’ Explosive Growth, State by State and Country by Country

New Urban Mobility Alliance’s new tool to track the industry shows devices have spread to 37 U.S. states in 2 years

Farm Consumer Confidence Recovers From August Slump, Despite Ongoing Trade War

Agricultural worker consumer sentiment jumped 6.5 points this week

Heading Into 2020, Sickle Cell Community Welcomes Next Generation of Treatment

Hematologists at annual conference celebrate accelerating pipeline of drugs after decades of waiting

NBA Fan Survey: Proposed Schedule Shake-Ups Viewed Favorably

35% of NBA fans say they’re watching fewer games relative to other seasons

Advanced Reactor Developer Oklo Receives Site Use Permit From Energy Department

Permit to build at Idaho National Laboratory is the first granted for a non-light water power reactor

Classic Disney Films Are Top Draw for Everyone -- Not Just Disney+ Subscribers

Subscribers less interested in ‘The Simpsons’

Carbon Capture Advocates: Tech Is Being Revitalized, but More Support Needed

The Global CCS Institute tallies a broader project pipeline for second year in a row

The Congressional Districts Potentially Most Vulnerable to Facebook Misinformation

Ahead of the 2020 election, new analysis shows which districts have the highest concentration of weekly users

In Blue Districts, Republicans More Likely Than Democrats to Use Twitter

But nationally, Democrats are more likely to be scrolling through tweets

Fox News’ Upper Hand Next Year: The Country’s Eyeballs, Down to Districts

Cable giant is most-watched news outlet in nearly 70% of U.S. congressional districts

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