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Sanders Rises as Primary Voters Grow More Confident About His Chances Against Trump

32% say Sanders is their first choice to take on Trump in November

Bloomberg Loses Ground Following Debate Debut in Las Vegas

Former New York City mayor loses first-choice support, and popularity wanes

In Another Letter, Elizabeth Warren Again Presses Fed Nominee on Past Statements

Judy Shelton had defended previous positions in a written response to senator’s initial queries

Bloomberg Makes Gains With Black Voters Amid ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Controversy

Former NYC mayor surpasses Joe Biden among all primary voters ahead of first debate appearance

Voters Say Bloomberg’s a Better Billionaire Businessman Than Trump — but Just Barely

Also, Democratic primary voters chose which labels, such as ‘socialist’ or ‘moderate,' best suit each candidate

Public Option Support Drops When Buttigieg’s Retroactive Enrollment Included

Voter support dips by more than half when plan includes automatic enrollment, retroactive payment

How the Democratic Socialist Label Is Playing in the 2020 Presidential Race

61 percent of voters pinpointed Bernie Sanders as the candidate who self-identifies as a democratic socialist

Sanders Cements Front-Runner Status After New Hampshire Win

Vermont senator expands lead over Biden to 10 points

Impeachment’s Biggest Impact: Making GOP Voters Like Congressional Republicans More

Republicans nationwide sweetened on McConnell and company amid impeachment

After Iowa Caucuses, Voters Have Low Confidence in Tech-Enabled Voting Methods

Voters are more likely to put their trust in methods with paper ballots

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