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A Potential Weakness in Bernie Sanders’ Coalition? The Politically Disengaged

Vermont independent best-placed among voters least likely to vote, experts say

To Weigh the Chances of a Third Party, Look to the 2016 Voters Who Feel Adrift

One-quarter of Trump voters identify less with GOP, while 21% of Clinton voters say same about Democratic Party

Americans More Likely to Back Estate Tax Expansion Than Repeal

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ plan to lower the estate tax threshold joins other proposals to raise the wealthy's taxes

GOP Voters More Likely Than Democrats to Look Past Scandals Embroiling Own Party

Poll asked people if they would vote for a politician – of their own party and a generic one – accused of misconduct

Voter Support for ‘Medicare for All’ Tumbles in New Year

From January to February, net support for single-payer health system fell over 50% to 12 points

Preliminary EPA Data Shows Increase in 2017 Energy Sector Methane Emissions

Draft report attributes methane rise from 2016 to coal, natural gas activity

DOE Nearing Decision Checkpoint on Versatile Test Reactor

Completion of stage authorizes conceptual design of project, estimated to cost $3 billion to $3.5 billion

Amy Klobuchar Is Popular With the Voters Who Know Her

Nationally, 41% of Democratic voters have never heard of the third-term Minnesota Democrat

Green New Deal: Instant Reaction

Resolutions appear to leave open the inclusion of non-renewable clean energy sources

Trump’s Popularity Slumps to Record Low in January

President posts negative net approval rating in 32 states