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Why Democrats Are Running on Health Care

Voters who say health care is top issue favor Democrats over GOP by 28 point margin

Republicans Can’t Count on the Economy to Keep Them in Power

Research shows little correlation between state of economy, vote outcome during non-presidential elections

It Keeps Getting Harder for Republicans to Separate From Trump

Trump’s lack of popularity among Democrats, independents may become bigger issue for down-ballot candidates

In Departure From Past Elections, Seniors Lean Toward Democrats

Democrats have a 19-point generic ballot edge with highly motivated seniors’ issue voters

Nuclear Export Restrictions to China a Welcome Policy Change, Observers Say

U.S micro-reactor, SMR makers say new limits unlikely to affect business, but some hope for more export changes

Two-Thirds of Energy Voters More Likely to Vote for a Democrat for Congress

Energy issues make inroads into some congressional races

Republicans Try to Capitalize on Motivated Security Voters

Voters who rank security as their top issue lean Republican, prioritize immigration and terrorism over foreign policy

Voters’ Interest in Trump’s Tax Returns Little Changed Since Before Inauguration

48% in poll said they care that Trump has not released his tax returns; 45% said the same before he took office

A Year Into #MeToo, Public Worried About False Allegations

Most Americans equally concerned for men being falsely accused and women facing sexual assault

Democrats Widen Generic Ballot Advantage One Month Out From Midterms

Democratic candidate preferred by 10-point margin over Republican candidate