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More Voters Oppose Trump’s Asylum Policy Than Support It — But Not by Much

Forty-five percent of registered voters oppose the decision, while 40 percent support it, according to poll

Voters Stay Split on Whether Tariffs Are Good for the United States

Voters are divided, 38% to 42%, on whether duties on Chinese imports will help or hurt U.S. economy

Voters Lukewarm About Eric Holder for President

Former attorney general would lose to Trump in a matchup, with a plurality of voters undecided

Why GOP Leaders Fear a Discharge Petition on Dreamers

Despite substantial Republican support for deportation protections, the priority for action is low

Voters Unsure About Specifics of Trump-Kim Summit, but Still Call It a Success

54% consider Singapore meeting between U.S. president and North Korean leader very or somewhat successful

Democrats Look to Press Advantage on Health Care in Midterms

Move comes after the DOJ declined to defend Obamacare's pre-existing conditions protection in court

Republican Voters Split on Whether Trump Can – or Should – Pardon Himself

Poll finds almost 6 in 10 voters overall say Trump should not pardon himself

U.S. Public Skeptical That North Korea Will Get Rid of Nukes After Trump-Kim Summit

Americans split on whether June 12 meeting will result in improved relations between the two countries

Facebook’s Push for Political Ad Transparency Ensnares Users, News Media

Media advocacy group CEO writes to Facebook, Congress to demand changes to how news outlets are classified

Micro-Reactors Get Potential Boost in Defense Authorization Bill Provision

FY ‘19 bill directs DOE to outline pilot program to build a micro-reactor on Defense or Energy Department site