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Interactive: Seen, Read, Heard

In 2018’s nonstop news cycle, here’s what headlines broke through in Morning Consult surveys

Analyzing What News Voters Saw, Read or Heard in 2018

Trump's taxes and Stormy Daniels on “60 Minutes” had most uneven saturation among partisans

Democrats’ Edge on #MeToo Persists Among Voting Public

Party is more trusted to handle #MeToo, despite several allegations against its own

51% of Voters Think Russia Has ‘Kompromat’ on Trump

But opinions are largely split on whether special counsel’s probe has been handled fairly

Armed With Digital Ad Tools, Advocacy Groups to Spend More on Issue Ads in 2019

Partisan organizations are looking beyond a gridlocked Congress to 2020 presidential election

Polling Suggests Support Among Voters for Harsher Wall Street Messaging

Democrats are likely to sharpen their rhetoric toward big banks and Wall Street ahead of 2020

Is Administration Officials’ Use of Private Email OK? Depends on Your Party

Democrats, GOP see actions by Ivanka Trump, Hillary Clinton in starkly different light

More Voters Linking Human Activity to Climate Change

Almost a third of GOP voters place a great deal of trust in Trump on climate change

Majority of Voters Back National Health Plan — Unless It’s Called ‘Single Payer’

Support for government-run system rises 9 points to 58% when labeled ‘Medicare for all’ instead of ‘single payer’

Trump’s Brand Divides Democrats on Criminal Justice Reform

31 percent of Democratic voters support bill backed by Trump – half the share of GOP voters