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Senate Republicans Start Discussing Importance of PAYGO Rules for Tax Reform

Crapo wants to include tax cuts' projected revenue growth to avoid risk of triggering mandatory spending cuts

Washington Brief: Rep. Tiberi Plans to Announce He’s Resigning From Congress

EPA Nominee Has Become Bargaining Chip in GOP Biofuel Fight

Vote on William Wehrum postponed as Grassley pressures Pruitt with renewable fuel demands

Vulnerable Democratic Senators Want More Details on GOP Tax Plan

Three weeks after release of tax-reform blueprint, McCaskill and Heitkamp say they are still awaiting specifics

Washington Brief: GOP Voters Say Trump Represents Their Values Better Than Congressional Republicans

Polling Lends Weight to Worries Over GOP Civil War

GOP voters say Trump represents their values better than Republicans in Congress

A Source of Bitter Debate in GOP, Ex-Im Bank May Fade as Flashpoint on Local Level

As Stephen Fincher explores Senate run in Tennessee, his support of bank could be overshadowed by opioid crisis

Washington Brief: Senate GOP Under Increasing Pressure From White House to Deliver on Tax Reform

Washington Brief: Obamacare Subsidies Likely to Factor Into Year-End Spending Negotiations

Washington Brief: Week in Review & What’s Ahead