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More Consumers Care About a Car’s Reviews, Safety Than Its Gas Mileage

Plurality of 39% oppose Trump administration plan to freeze fuel efficiency standards

A Poll of Polls: What Do Americans Trust?

The public is more likely to trust polls that are bad for liberals

Independents See Immigration As Defining Partisan Issue

But those voters are split over whom they trust more to handle the issue

Democrats Have an Edge With Independents. Will It Grow?

Undecided independents, the plurality, are split between both parties

Defense Measure Has Potential to Create Leader in Fledgling Micro-Reactor Market

Under bill signed by Trump, Energy Department to define a pilot program for a micro-reactor at a federal site

American Parents Divided by Party on Safety of Arming Teachers

In the wake of school shootings, Republicans more willing than other parties to pay higher taxes to arm teachers

What Groups Should the Government Protect from Discrimination?

Democrats more enthusiastic than Republicans about government protection for most groups

Most Voters Don’t Know Who Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is

New poll finds three in 10 Democrats have a favorable view of the young progressive favorite

Voters Oppose Digitized 3D Gun Blueprints, Support Laws for Self-Made Firearms

Proponent of 3D gun blueprints argues it’s about free speech, not the “whims of the mob” on gun rights

46% Plurality of Voters Say Mueller Investigation Should Continue

Poll shows voters are split on whether inquiry on Russian influence in 2016 election has been handled fairly