Carbon Q&As with 15 State Regulators

Morning Consult sat down with utility regulators from 15 states and asked them for their reactions to the EPA’s draft rule to reduce carbon emissions from the power sector.

In our story last week, The State Scramble Over Carbon Emissionswe reported that commissioners’ responses ranged from cautious optimism to confusion to outright frustration. Many states are concerned the proposal doesn’t give credit for work done before 2012. Others fear the individual state reduction requirements and timeline for implementation aren’t achievable.

The interactive map below contains highlights from those 15 interviews and links to the full Q&As.

Not sure where to start? We recommend the interview with Julie Fedorchak of North Dakota if you’re interested in how coal-dependent states are reacting.  Or check out the Q&A with Kelly Speakes-Backman of Maryland, who is also the chair of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, to see how mid-Atlantic and northeastern states in RGGI are interpreting the rule. Read Alaina Burtenshaw of Nevada’s comments for a take on how the rule might play out differently in the West.

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