Washington Afternoon Update: Trump Touts Jobs Report as Proof of Rebound From COVID-19 Economic Crisis

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  • President Donald Trump cited the Labor Department’s latest jobs report, which showed employers added 2.5 million workers last month in an unexpected improvement, as proof that the country has rebounded from the economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. In remarks from the White House, Trump said George Floyd — the black man who was killed while under arrest by a white Minnesota police officer — “is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that’s happening for our country.” (The Associated Press
  • Without consulting the White House, the Department of Defense ordered members of the National Guard in Washington, D.C., and those who are being sent to Washington to not use firearms or ammunition in their work as part of the federal government’s response to mass demonstrations, according to officials. Muriel Bowser, mayor of the District of Columbia, has criticized the Trump administration’s response in the capital city, which includes calling in active-duty military to wait outside the capital and sending law enforcement officials from the Bureau of Prisons and Customs and Border Protection into the streets of Washington. (The Washington Post)
  • The Minneapolis City Council approved an agreement with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights that would bar the police from using chokeholds and would require officers to try to stop their colleagues if they use excessive force. Mayor Jacob Frey signed the deal immediately, but the agreement still needs a judge’s approval. (Star Tribune)

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