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Lawmakers Urge Health Industry Players to Work Together on Lowering Drug Prices

Energy and Commerce panel members warn that otherwise Congress will step in, whether companies like it or not

Voters Back Government Shutdown to Renew Health Insurance Program for Kids

A deal to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program draws more voter support compared to other issues

Providers See CMS Continuing Value-Based Care Push Despite Project Rollbacks

Trump administration expected to focus on voluntary participation and fewer regulations on bundled payments

GOP Voters in Poll Deepen Opposition to Obamacare Individual Mandate

Senate effort to repeal federal requirement places controversial provision back in the public eye

Obamacare Advocates Seize on Unintended Trump Effect on Health Plans

But difficult to show public that more people are actually eligible for zero-premium plans

Voters Soured on Key GOP Senators During Height of ACA Repeal Push

GOP voters are increasingly unhappy with elected Republicans' failure to fulfill campaign promises

Public Support for Expanding Obamacare Increased Amid GOP Efforts to Repeal Law

Polling shows rising popularity as the Trump administration takes actions that could destabilize the exchanges

Many Voters Dislike Trump’s Cuts to Health Insurer Subsidies

But voters more likely to view Democrats, Obama as responsible for the Affordable Care Act

Most Voters in Poll Back Trump’s Health Care Order but Are Divided Over Impact

52% approve of allowing small-business associations to sell low-cost but less comprehensive health plans

House Republicans Ramp Up Scrutiny of Providers in Drug Discount Program

House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight wants better tracking of savings